Fox pesters Husky to play

Thanks to You we had an amazing 2017.
Thank You very much for taking part in our daily life and adventures with Ninja, Smilla and Leotie ( @fox.leotie ). For 2018 I have some great ideas up my sleeve that will hopefully keep you entertained with this feed.

By far the biggest success was the video of Leotie pestering Ninja to play.
Leotie was seen as dominant and I do not think this is a correct assumption.
For this reason I thought it would be a good idea to show you all the stages of Leotie trying to get Ninja to play.
It usually starts with a bored Leotie trying to get Ninjas attention.
She starts by cleaning his feet, ears and sniffing him up, like a good Fox would do.

She is craving Ninja’s attention… But he continues to play dead… Eventually Leotie will climb on top of Ninja, jump or even try to hump him to provoke any kind of reaction… It is – in my eyes – a mixture of testing boundaries and getting his attention… As he reacts moving his head moves his head Leotie is encouraged and tries harder… Eventually he will give in and they will play for an hour, sometimes even longer.

I will upload a 5 minute video of them playing to our Youtube Channel. You can find the link in our story highlights. (Just need to render and upload it first)

With this video I wish you a happy, healthy and successful 2018. Pursue opportunities, follow your dreams, love and laugh.


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