Doku: BBC Wolfpack

DokuPassend zum gestrigen Video, Doku: Tal der Wölfe, gibt es ein weiteres Video zum größten bekannten Wolfpack, dem Druid Pack mit 37 Wölfen. Hier eine weitere Dokumentation zu diesen wundervollen Tieren des Yellowstone Nationalparks

BBC Wolf Pack

Documentary following the lives of the members of the world’s largest wolf pack in Yellowstone National Park. Daughters plot behind their father’s back, sister slays sister and steals her lover, and a family is torn apart.

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  1. Allah says in the Holy Quran
    O My servants who have transgressed against their own souls, despair not of the mercy of Allah. Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Truly, He is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Surah az-Zumar 39:53)

  2. Calm your tits. Most animals do fight back and do so out of fun, to eat or to defend themselves. To say that they won’t fight back is silly.

    I’m on the fence when it comes to hunting, because I haven’t done a lot of research on it.

  3. as in hunters that kill them, the animal have no chance,
    and yes no body kills a lion to eat is.
    hunting for food yeah ofcourse why not.

    but hunting for sports thats messed up

  4. fight back? those idiots shoot with snipers, how could animal fight back please?
    although they pay high compensation for sport hunting, I think it should be banned, unless wolves are direct threat to mountain villages or cities, like here sometimes during harsh winters, or if they have rabies, or during migration period – not for sport
    wolves they are affraid of people and if there are enough pray to hunt, they would never attack livestock or people, but when is really hungry, wolf gets crasy

  5. No animals not even the mighty lions have a chance against human weapons. So there’s no fighting back. Only caring humans(not many) can fight for animals but evil sadistic wolf hunters/ranchers win most of the time. it’s sad.

  6. That asshole guy Doug smith radio collar wolves so hunters can kill wolves later. It was their plan all along to bring wolves back for sport hunting.

  7. When did i say it was easy?
    When did i compare them?

    i want them to join the military since they will get to shoot alot, and risk being shot at that should be the ultimate thrill for sick people like that.

  8. But you see… hunting and war are catering to two different „sick“ people. Hunting involves no „real“ risk only supreme dominanse, whereas war involves riskinf your own life and you rarely get the same closeness to the kill as you do in hunting sighting through a scope (unless a sniper ofcourse but im sure you understand my point). War is for thrillseeking sick people and hunting is for more about portraying your dominans. There are elements that are the same though.

  9. You say wolves „will only hunt people to either defend pups or have no other food around…“

    Um, those are the main reasons why predator animals hunt PERIOD. Wolves have no problem with attacking and snatching your small children and babies – and there are plenty of documented cases of this.

    And if you do the proper scientific research, you’ll also find that Wolves become less afraid of humans the more they are around them by adapting easily. You would not want to live with a Wolf Pack around.

  10. Unfortunately, the entire Druid wolf pack is down to one lone wolf. It’s a female. The rest mostly died from diseases and competition. I’m guessing the female is dead now too since the last update was in 2010 and she appeared very frail.

  11. Did you somehow miss the scene where they had two full grown wolves trapped in a chain link „corral“ prior to reintroducing them, and the men were chasing them all over the place with nets like the Keystone Cops? If ever there was a time you would expect an animal to attack, it’s when it’s trapped and cornered, but the wolves only cowered.

  12. well obviously any wild animal will do that its not just wolf’s, but your comment is bullshit. wolf’s will attack anyone anywhere, there is no such thing as „wolf’s avoid people they only attack you if you disturb its nest“. are you guys fucking retarded or what ? do you know how many people have been attacked by wolf’s. there is a reason why hunters or shepherds carry guns and take dogs with them so we can protect ourselfs, thats how its like in my village in turkey

  13. THats sad that they introduced the wolves to yellowston. Theres no telling how many elk and other animals are being killed every week by the wolves. Elk cant fight back nor deer. They need to keep the wolf population down so that all the elk dont get killed, like the rest of Montana and Idaho. People dont relize what wolves can do to the elk and deer.!

  14. are YOU fucking retarded or what? as humans, all we are doing everyday is killing animals. we are destroying their habitat, invading theirs and killing them directly or indirectly. so i really don’t care how many people are attacked by wolves – don’t act like such a victim please

  15. you semen loving, anus fucking bastard, i hope you get jail raped
    buy your dad who is already there in jail as a convicted rapist
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    you sick sick fuck.

  16. Fuck sake, why should Wolves be hunted? Wolves were in places like Yellowstone long before European settlers which most Americans have their ancestry from. It’s stupid that they should hunt them, they were there first.

  17. Oh, wolves don’t have any feelings, I mean there just animals right? Yeah… UM NO. I see lost of this is for research, but I don’t understand why it should have to be guns, bullets. If you want some skin, kill yourself. Other wise, this is a very good documentary.

  18. longue tied ! your tongue , no , not anything of what you speak or advocate , is True !!! !!! … What , are you !!!
    Where are you getting you Info from !!! ??? Wolves do not HUNT HUMANS !!!! nor do they attack our small children & babies !! Unbelievable that BULL, YOU ARE SPEILING HERE !! !
    PART OF THIS VID.. IS DONE FOR EFFECT !!! , BUT LISTEN TO THE AMERICAN Reasearcher , NOT THE BRIT !!! WATCH THE WHOLE VID …It’s about the life of a Wolf Pack .. Not about anything else !!!

  19. „Plenty of documented cases“? I have trouble just finding a few, and almost all are more folklore or hearsay than anything else. Where are you getting your „facts“?

  20. She killed her sister for the kids that not even her..And took over her sister mate..that hello FUCK UP….DISLIKED FOR THAT..Even thought wolf still my favorite animals..but i hate the part when she killed her sister..

  21. great video, nice to see the usual commentary from illiterate youtube morons. Dont try judge the animal kingdom by the rules of „civilized society“ it makes you look like a total fool. It makes me laugh to see people say they hate wolves based on their behavior. Do you think wolves hate humans for systematically trying to exterminate them? No they are simply trying to survive. Im sure if they could watch the news and understand the greed and murderous nature of humans they would though.

  22. Contrary to what movies portray, wolves very seldom attack humans, unless they face a situation where it is do or die, where a human has cornered a wolf or a pack. Wolves maintain a healthy awareness of humans just as humans do of wolves, the two animals can live perfectly well side by side so long as both respect the others space. The movie ‚The Grey‘ is an extreme misinterpretation of the wolf, wolves DO NOT hold vendettas or go to war with humans in such stupid ways,and attacks are very rare.

  23. It would also be good to do a documentary on Coyotes, as I am not sure if they have the same Alpha to Omega structure that wolves do. Do Coyotes live in packs, or just small groups? Do they actually bring down prey, or do they just scavenge like Hyenas?

  24. Hunting wolves should be banned, they are not a pest, and cannot be eaten, so what is the point? If a wolf attacks livestock, then it’s the farmer’s fault. Most wolf attacks can be prevented by using a simple electrified fence and making sure livestock calf/lamb indoors. I do support professional hunting of animals like deer, because they are destructive and can actually damage habitats by out-eating other vegetarian animals, but wolves, no, wolves should be left alone.

  25. It’s this Americanized style farming, by letting livestock run wild, that’s the problem. If livestock were kept within the perimeter of an electrified fence, within close range of the farm, Livestock for human consumption are not wild, wolves are. Livestock movement should be restricted in order to prevent loss, predators and keep disease down. It is possible to farm ethically while keeping your own interests safe as well, it just costs more when you start that’s all, but the rewards are great.

  26. I have come to believe the most important animal in this video is not the wolf, the coyote or the grizzly, it’s the ELK. Without the Elk, not one of these magnificent animals would be there. The Elk, as sad is it is also need these predators to weed out sick, injured and runt Elks, so those genes do not pass on. This makes the Elk stronger as a species. This is nature’s perfect harmony, everyone humming on the same note for the same purpose, life.

  27. So true, wolf attacks on people are so rare there is less than one per year. You would have to corner a wolf, or attempt to harm a pup, and even then the wolf would rather just chase you off if he can rather than risk an unknown and potentially lethal conflict with an unfamiliar animal. I am constantly saying to people that movie ‚The Grey‘ was a gross misinterpretation of wolves, with hardly any facts at all. Even in pack territory an attack on a human is almost unheard of.

  28. wolf hunting for sport should be…
    even if there a thret to vilegers we built on the poor creatures land,stole thweir food,killed them just for trying to feed their babys!!!!!!!!!!

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  30. I highly doubt that your shitty reliant pitbull could even get near one of these wild animals without getting demolished into nothing left.They have one of the strongest bite forces in the whole world.

  31. Wolves are the same size of a german shepard.. they are nothing more than a wild dog. If you think a wolf can kill mastiffs, dogo argentios (kills pumas) or any other powerfull breed you are retarded. There was a guy who used his pitbulls to hunt down wolves who preyed on lifestock, they killed 10 wolves with his pitbulls. stay mad furryfags.

  32. If a wolf is in an urban area, it’s going to be quite small, so I’m not surprised by your claim. In the wild, 2 wolves would probably kill all of that guys Pitbulls in a few minutes. If there was a whole pack it wouldn’t be a contest. In the arctic, and in Africa, Wolves are most certainly capable of taking down any dog 1-on-1

  33. Do you know that Christianity is correct? The world around us reveals that G-d DOES exist, and the historical evidence reveals that Jesus Christ really did come to this earth and there is overwhelming evidence that Jesus Christ really did physically rise from the dead. Jesus is coming again and the signs of the end times that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass.

  34. The Druids showed just how a minority can go from strength to strength, as their numbers grew. It really must’ve been hard work to hunt and feed a combined litter of 3. And fair play to the Alpha pair for holding onto their reign for so long. As normally this can be challenged and lost at an earlier stage. I think overal the losers in this instance has to be the Coyote, as they were truly outnumbered and paying the ultimate price. But they will survive in these parts, at least for now.

  35. Wolves are making a come back and Mountain lions are coming back down out of Canada into New Hampshire, LOVE IT.
    the wolf is a most noble animal

  36. Imagine your first day on the job- here’s a net, catch that wolf. haha for a second there I thought you said wolf…oh you DID say wolf… I need a lift back to town.

  37. So, you must be a vegitarian? To produce meat for human consumption, animals must die. That steak or hamburger you buy in the store does not appear by magic. I hunt wild game for food and feel my moral compass is just fine.



  39. Well spoken! It’s the natural role of wolves, bears, coguars, eagles etc. to hunt and keep the numbers of herbivours in check. We human beeings are not designed for that task, otherwise we would have 3 inch long canines and sharp claws, but we don’t! Our „lifestock agriculture“ destroys the wilderness, and vile, unfair hunting with guns has exterminated hundereds of species worldwide, causing havoc to the eco-systems! Enevetably we will eventually destroy ourselves!

  40. Wolves, like dogs, are „stuck together“ for up to 30 minutes after mating. The swelling in the males penis has to subside!

  41. Every creature has a right to live, except those human individuals who deny them that right and exterminate them! Let’s hunt down the hunters… Problem solved!

  42. Humans used to live in harmony with nature, like the native americans, the native australians, or the african bushmen. All these people were exterminated by people of „christian faith“! Judeo-Christianity is the sole source of planetary destruction! The sick mindset of these people, who think that man is superior to nature, which dominates the „modern industrial world“ today, will enevetably be our downfall! Nature can live without us…We can not survive without nature!!!

    Thanks for this magnificant documentation and an insight into the life of these beautiful creatures.

  44. Perhaps the animals you describe as being abundant were actually over populated since an apex predator like the wolf was missing. When the wolves arrived this over abundance of prey may have allowed them to increase in numbers and reduce prey numbers, but if the wolves are overpopulated themselves they will not be able to sustain themselves without prey and things should balance out. This makes sense to me but I’d like to hear what others think.

  45. the wolf killed her sister stole her sisters mate and her pups if i had a gun and could go back in time i would kill that wolf that killed her sister

  46. The wolves kill to survive.
    Humans kill for sadistic fun.
    Who is the real monster here?
    Do not answer, it’s a rhetorical question.

  47. There is no need for you to worry about it. The population of „piranha“ will reduce when they have no food, and the number of other „fish“ in the „fishtank“ will rise up eventually after that.

    No animal can really push another animal to the edge of extinction, other than human

  48. Wolve’s don’t humans either, i know because i go to a sancuary all the time…These aren’t trained, hardly any contact with humans and they’re like soft dogs.
    They snarl at you, you snarl back.

  49. I live most of the year just outside of Sun Valley, ID… I was one of those who thought that Wolf transplanting was a great idea… Now I see first hand the devastation and destructive nature of the wolves… The once abundant Deer, Elk, Moose, Red Fox, Marmot, Sage Grouse, Giant Snowshoe Rabbit, Cotton Tail, ETC.. ETC.. Are all heading for Extinction in the areas where the Grey Wolves have been Trans-Planted… It is like putting Piranha in a fish tank, soon all you have are hungry Piranha…

  50. You sir… are an idiot. if anything it’s humans even with wolves, all the animals you stated were fine before humans were everywhere

  51. A species that has developed monogamy in the pair, which grows their offspring in the family, where the male is responsible for the company bringing the food while she nurses the young during the first few weeks, and that, if one of them dies, the other living alone by choice, gives proof to be elevated both socially and spiritually. The wolves are not as they want to have it appear. I apologize for my bad English, if something does not make it clear, let me know. Thank you.

  52. I have the greatest respect for the Wolves…
    I had experience in the Yukon, with a pack ..I will never forget ,,how the ALPHA FEMALE ,, saved the life of my young 4 month old registered Siberian Husky Pup..
    He had been let loose by some children , they put a collar & chain on him, they were called in by their Mom & forgot him..I arrived & saw him missing , followed his prints , heard the Wolves , calling , heard him, crying ,saw him, strangling over a log & a female wolf chewing him free

  53. The Wolf pack was on all sides just watching ,,I stayed back , as she was working to free , my Young Siberian Husky ..She looked up , saw me , then went back to work on his collar , his feet were a foot off the ground ,,she had her shoulder under his chest !!! The other members of the Pack were on my Flanks & the Alpha Male was only about 3 yds. away from her watching it all..None moved , nor threatened me .When my Pups feet touched , he coughed , she licked his throat then left with the pack.

  54. It was quite an amazing thing to experience ,,this venue , does not give enough , time nor space to tell the whole story ..But ,, it , was an amazing experience …But , I will always be eternally greatful , to that Alpha Female Wolf , for somehow recognizing a young Siberian Husky in jeopardy & putting herself in jeopardy to save him !!..

  55. ??!! So you’re saying that your God created this wonderful creature only for the soul purpose to exist for some men to kill them all? What kind of God would do that? Not my God. We as the higher beings have a responsibility to the lessor creatures and should act as stewards and care for them. Everything alive was given it’s life by God and deserves a chance to live it’s life.

  56. Let me tell you that currently, there is a war on these beautiful creatures. They are being shot, hunted with Bow and arrow, trapped with conibear and leg hold traps and left for days to suffer, strangled by wire snar. In Wyoming, they kill pups in their dens by gassing, set fires in the den, bury them alive, use baits with poison or fishing hooks hidden inside the baits to be swallowed, kill all but one pup then stake pup out on a chain in order to lure in the Parents to kill them. Hunters

  57. That is a very uneducated statement. Wolves are needed for a healthy ecosystem. I invite you to learn about wolves. Try the March 2010 issue of National Geographic Magazine. Just today I read a Wildlife news article that some state’s elk herd is suffering from wasting disease. This wouldn’t have happened had they had wolves there. It’s proven that the wolves take the weak and ill animals, thus making the herd stronger. „Devastating“, I don’t think so.

  58. that sounds disgusting, though wolves wouldn’t hesitate to kill us all if they could.

    but what about the other side’s arguments? are there not too many wolves?

  59. God might exist, and if he DOES, he would honour the loving message she spreads. Why do you have to be such an asshole? Do your family not get along or something? Get a grip and be good to people instead of spreading hate you fuckwit.

  60. Yep, he might not. „he“ may not even be a „he“. He might be a nebula with a conscience floating outside of this physical universe, and might not have anything to do with the goings on of planet earth, but don’t think you’re smart for denying the „magic man in the sky“ perception of God. Everyone knows this image of God is out dated. All I’m trying to say is you don’t know SHIT and neither does anyone else, so stop being so sure of yourself. Good day, sir.

  61. There’s actually a very good reason for that. wolf #40(the dark queen) was suspected of killing #42’s(the cinderella wolf) pups the previous year. #40 also was responsible of kicking her mother and her other sister out of the pack and was just a violent wolf in general. The day before #40 was beating up her daughter and #42 and was heading for 42’s den site. Its suspected she was going to kill her sister’s (and probably her daughter’s to) pups again when 42 attacked her.

  62. This was an amazing documentary to watch on my evening off. Thank you for sharing this and I love that they introduced wolves to Yellowstone. They are truly amazing animals.

  63. This sort of footage explains why I watch Youtube. They always cause me to have a good laugh.

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  64. If deity exists or not is irrelevant. As humans are now the apex predators of the planet and also the only ones known to have conscious minds it falls to use to care for all the life on the planet – we are not apart from nature, but rather part of it and far more dependent on the natural world than you might think. Remove the wrong link from an ecosystem and the whole thing collapses, and us right along with it. I agree with CC, but for different reasons.

  65. many animals have conscious minds and none of them care for the animals that are weaker than them. Also, do you have any idea how many species went extinct by now? we could remove plenty of them ourselves by hunting and slaughtering and nothing significant would change

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  67. You’re one sick guy who has nuffin‘ better to do than to reply negatively to the people who’re being positive to dah video and dah wolves. Btw, God exists.

  68. Nah. He won’t tell Candice to go and fuff herself. He would tell YOU. 😀
    How is fuffing yourself even possible anyways? Geez.

  69. None of ‚em care for the animals dat are weaker than ‚em? They kill the animals weaker than ‚em to survive, like us. We kill cows to eat, riiiight? 😛

  70. Btw God exists and you’re to stupid to know. :3
    And if ya reply back to my comment, I’m not gonna bother answering back, cuz you’re not worth my time.

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  75. no different to humans..territorial murder,power struggles..give em bigger brains n they would try to expand their dominance..nice n furry tho..

  76. Dogs aren’t awesome. I could beat my dog up every single day and it still would love me and not even think about hurting me. I’m pretty sure wolves would tear me apart if I did that.

    P.S I have never hit a dog in my life. I actually have 4 dogs and I like them, but I don’t like how they submit to me all the time. I prefer animals that will put me in my place If I mess with them.

  77. Thanks for uploading this. I’ve loved wolves since I studied them in college. That’s where I learned that they are not the monsters most people think they are but usually timid around people and deeply bonded with others in their packs. They may be re-introduced where I live. I hope so.

  78. Os Lobos me lembram muito os meus cachorrinhos Shelties, que mesmo pequenos, tem um comportamento de união e respeito entre eles, até nos uivos lembram os Lobos, que são os animais incrivelmente leais entre eles, raro na natureza, e isso me faz admirá-los e amá-los cada vez mais!!

  79. Attention! There is a facebook group called The Only Good Wolf is a Dead
    Wolf ! It is disgusting! It PROMOTES THE MASS MURDER OF ALL WOLVES !! They
    are some of most ridiculous narrow minded people. If you like wolves then
    we have to do something about them. I saw a comment and it claimed that
    people who are for to protect and conserve the natural world are mentally
    ill. I repeat , this monstrosity is a group on Facebook called “ The Only
    Good Wolf is a Dead Wolf „.

  80. It never gets old of watching Wolf documentary’s, I like to watch how they
    take down prey and so on.. Just entertains me in a fuzzy way :3

  81. Some people put money before everything else. Just watching these animals
    or to hear there are animals like these in certain areas is nice.

  82. kinda weird that they put collas for them to see what they are doing, kinda
    stalking and weird. why would they know wolfs lifes? it none of there
    business. Wolfs needs privacy

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