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  1. „this first timid contact began a dance between our 2 species that would change our world forever“ wow amazing… did he actually see it happen? I’m not going to watch this to the end but does this documentary talk about hyenas, dingos, foxes or coyotes? so the dog’s ancestor is the lazy ass wolf :))

  2. I step down from the argumet, cause there is no use; but I won’t step down from my high horse; I’m another level, which isn’t always a good thing, but hey…. better too smart/good than too stupid

  3. You step down from your argument because there’s no valid claims to present, then boast intelligence. Alright man; I remember middle school ;P
    Have a nice day.

  4. I studied science of cats in 1994 calling those amazing creatures useless is the most stupid I ever heard. For real do some research before you are talking trash.

  5. geez you tube comments always gotta be so racist if it isn’t about blacks and whites its about cats and dogs lol cant we all just get along haha!!

  6. Ah, quit it. I love dogs much more than cats, and yes they are far more versatile than cats can ever be or ever have been, but what you’re saying is just not true.
    The first poster may have been trolling, but there’s nothing wrong with liking cats, even if this is a dog video.

  7. The same can be said about MANY humans…
    Dogs are loyal, give unconditional love, accept us no matter what, unselfish & have been in service to humans for a very long time. „Worthless“ is the last word I would ever use to describe a dog–now humans–that’s a whole other ball game. What have u done for your fellow human lately? Probably not a hellva a lot… Try spelling dog backwards & see what you get, Sunshine!!

  8. It is and will always be an act of evil when they trangquilize a deer, even so lightly, to film a hunt……any idiot knows that a full grown male steer can run all day and fast as hell, long long ahead of the wolves. Ive been hunting steer since I could barely walk and Ive never seen a wolf been even close when it sets in top speed and runs up and down hill like a torpedo….bullshit….how much would it could the world richest nature tvchannel to actually show the truth? ….

  9. The retarded comments about felines vs. canines are simply irrelevant. This is about dogs. And despite the cheesey music (spelling cheque), it is very informative. ¡Arriba los perros! (Y los gatos, también).

  10. Sure they aren’t helpful, but they give comfort when your alone and your feeling down. They sense your emotions so they aren’t completely useless.

  11. You’ve probably read this already: cats ARE credited with killing rats whose fleas spread Bubonic Plague, the „Black Death“ of the Middle Ages, that wiped out between 33%-66% of Europe’s total population in the 14th century. They also protect our grain from being destroyed by rodents &/or infected by them, & if you want to keep your garden snake/lizard/scorpion-free where that is a problem, GET A CAT & LET IT LOOSE. * The truth is… they’re a lot like us and don’t like to be ‚owned‘. Do you?

  12. Dont be so stupid, everything on earth was put for a purpose, and humans in total can destroy everything, so quit being so stupid,and negative and respect.

  13. That’s an incredibly stupid comment. The plague only killed so many people because cats were superstitiously blamed for the illness and killed in massive numbers. That allowed the rat population, the true carrier of the plague, to explode. Cats have long been a very significant factor in keeping pest populations under control which limits the spread of diseases.

  14. evolution of dog is kind of accelerated selection prosess which might help a creationist to begin to understand the evolution;just displace the nature with human.

  15. Are you really that stupid? Don’t know how to google yet? Put the words „the plague cats killed“ into google and learn. I’m not a cat person. I am a person who makes sure they know what they are talking about before opening their mouth. And appreciates an opportunity to learn something new. You on the other hand seem to be content to double down or your stupidity instead of acknowledging your mistake and taking the opportunity to learn.

  16. we do not come from monkey but from ape monkey is a sub division like we are a subdivision and at the we still ape sub divison humanoid you do not seem to know anything about evolution please just do what you say go investigate it

  17. How are they worthless? Just because they never helped humanity prosper, does not make them worthless. I also highly doubt you did any research before making that statement.

  18. Yes you did.
    There is not much left about evolution which isn’t prooven, contrary to your statement “ …nothing is prooven … “ Way to go, you just added wilfull ignorance to your chart of sins ];-)

  19. that’s right you can see gravity’s theory is proven as a fact,but evolution isn’t proven as a fact and you can’t even see it, i haven’t see a ape turning into a man yet!

  20. a theory is based on a idea of what you think happened and to know if it is right then you do the experiments to proved that theory was right!and they did and they couldn’t prove it yet.

  21. what dna is not proven??? do not go on that road it is my daily job to work with it grow up,genetics may is in infancy as a science but we are getting better and better by the way just go talk with a geneticien

  22. don’t be to religious that make you evil cus you’re laying this is what i said:“i know a lot and evolution! is just theory and nothing is proven as a a fact!non even d.n.a“and you said:“So dont you think its a bit arrogant to say that you know better then the expert? Isn’t arrogance a sin“nothing similar!and the studies they did just show that theory is wrong that’s why the evolutionist had change that theory many times trying to fit it into the new discoveries ,but still don’t make it!

  23. yeah keep trying waisting your time discovering just the fact that you evolutionist are wrong and again you will have to make another evolutionist theory like you did before,seriously some scientist are just hard head they don’t get it yet!that’s why thanks to GOD they are divided in 2 groups the believers and the non believers,good luck!

  24. like i said grow up and go see scientist to exlain things to you your pathetic up to my knowleg i am not the only one here who laugh at you as i seen

  25. You are behind the times friend. It isn’t referred to as a theory anymore in modern day science. It is now referred to as the „Evolutionary process“

    You are right, a theory is something that is not yet proven. But fact is, its been proven.
    Want some examples?
    Penguins. Birds transitioning into marine animals.
    Sea lions, have toe nails on their flippers.
    Manatees are obviously transitioning.
    Africans, gave rise to all other the races of the world.
    Its real, its fact, its beautiful.

  26. Nooo, a theory is an idea based on factual information. There was never any lack of proving for evolution. You don’t have any idea of what you are talking about.

  27. that’s what they said but is not yet scientifically proven ,just get imformation in internet use it for something good !you could go to the world of science they are 2 the believers and the evolutionist you’ll find it interisting!

  28. this is how you type:“like i said grow up and go see scientist to exlain things to you your pathetic up to my knowleg i am not the only one here who laugh at you as i seen“…. and now i know why you are so out from reality!and the ones that laugh are people like you that believe in unproven theories!

  29. hum ok so is a fact that we came from a explotion?who saw it?you?any other one?there are thousands of explotions in the universe and no new form of live yet!but you said we came from one!i recomend you to use internet to investigate no just to chat or repit whatever they tell you,so if nobody saw that explotion than is not a fact!read about the proven theories ex:electricity he saw it and created a theory and prove it right!but i haven’t see a ape turning into human yet,wake up!

  30. That isn’t how evolution works for one, and two, I can’t even reply to the rest of your comment because it is full of the most retarded bullshit I have ever had the misfortune to decipher, and three because you are raging so hard that you are barely even coherent. You also are making vast assumptions that can only be spawned into the mind of a person so deeply indoctrinated by theism, that their minds are shut off to critical thinking. You still don’t know what you are talking about.

  31. jajaja you’re pathetic !you just can’t have a factual answer, go back to your evolutionist scientists and ask them to give you a factual answer,sleep well you need oxigen ,my knowledge burned part of your brain!jajaja.

  32. Right, i read about evolution in a children’s book lol
    Apparently you do not know how the evolutionary process works but you are instinctively intrigued by science which is good news. That means you aren’t opposed to learning.
    What is it exactly that you deem „Incorrect“ or „false“ about the evolutionary process. Maybe I can shed some light.

  33. Were you dropped as a child, molested maybe, perhaps you ingested paint chips with lead in them, or even played with mercury? Something bad must have happened to you for you to be so delusional.

  34. yeah i have learned about the 2 sides of science the ones that believe in god and the ones that doesn’t (evolutionist),and guess what? the evolutionist had admit many times they were wrong ,that’s why they had to change their theory about how evolution ocurred but even like that the couldn’t probe a fact!

  35. Let me be a little more clear. What is it exactly that you think is erroneous about the evolutionary process?

    Some specifics would help clarify.

  36. jajajja you funny!you haven’t commented anything with any sense!just theory but nothing proving a fact !jaja go back to your evolutionist scientist friends and dream one day you will find the truth!

  37. jaja you don’t have anything that prove to believe that evolutionist theory is a fact,you don’t have anymore arguments or scientific proofs ,go back with your evolutionist friends!!

  38. You do know that the internet is more than just Facebook, and youtube right? You are allowed to use Google search; how about you try that. Or would your pastor frown upon that?

  39. jajaj i did it,that is why i know you are wrong!and i don’t have any religion to me religion is bullshit!I believe in the bible that is the real truth!jaja I don’t have a pastor ,but you have a evolutionist teacher jaja!

  40. Lots and lots of birth defects. Strange shaped heads, small bodies, buggy eyes but very close and loving to their people. I have 2 Chihuahuas and they both look different. One has a very minor case of Hydrocephalus because thats how the Amish breeder wanted their head to be shaped. My other Chihuahua has more of the terrior face. Breeders will do ANYTHING to get the look they want. No matter how it hurts the breeds. My German Shepherd is perfect and from the working class breed not show breed.

  41. I meant that you repeat what others say!, the next time you use the Internet to inform and not look like a fool!you have not answer about the subject and you start acting like a crying kid!

  42. I never once acted like a crying kid. You are the one that acted offended, and made un-biased claims. YOU are the one that is repeating fallible, and biased nonsense. You should take your own advice. You argue like a child, and have no credibility whats-so-ever.

  43. crying kid you have no proof of any arguments that’s why you left the argument, changing the subject giving nonsense comments!i told you go back to your evolutionist teacher only they agree with you!get knowledge next time and don’t fall into folly!

  44. I never left the argument. I have proof of every argument, you actually are the one that hasn’t even presented a single alternative. You don’t even know how to use common words properly.

  45. Our family had a sled dog – husky.I think that the different types of huskies and sled dogs are closest to wolves. They seem to howl instead of bark.

  46. Siberians are NO MORE closely related to wolves than Chihuahuas. They have been domestic dogs for thousands of years. However, many of the traits of their wolfy ancestors (coat, size) also fit well with their desired purpose, and so their creators (Chukchi, Siberian Natives) saw no reason to change them. This is the ONLY reason Huskies seem more like wolves than other breeds.

  47. bla bla bla i told you show me the proofs!stop acting like a boy!and you said: „jajajajaja“ you told me you are not a deluded child who says jajajaja!,you are pathetic!

  48. actually your definition fits the word hypothesis, theories are what come after a hypothesis, after information is gathered to prove or disprove said hypothesis. and now you know, and knowing is half the battle…especially in an extended flame war like this one.

  49. from what i know , dogs are descended from ancient wolfs . And i suppose humans bred the dogs with traits they liked.Like certain cat species are bred for their drooping ears. This is a birth defect , but humans bred those with this defect .

  50. so they want me to believe that a chihuahua , a saint bernard , and a bulldog evolved from a afghan hound in 32 thousand years? lol keep dreaming

  51. Why not? We’ve bred new dog/cat races even in the last hundred years that are quite … different than their ancestral breeds. Those are well documented…

  52. „shaped dogs to make OUR lives easier?“ we’ve played with genetics to create mutant slaves that listen and adore us even if we beat them to death. how very human

  53. I think it is more probable that a human hunter would watch wolves hunt and think to himself, „I wish those wolves would chase those animals my way“. Then the human hunter would kidnap a wolf pup or two and raise them as members of his pack with the human as the alpha wolf. The „domesticated“ wolf would be taught to help the humans hunt.

  54. 9:45 I think the reason these people are so wrong about the history of the dog is that they have never been hunting and as a result they have no concept of what it takes for a human to kill a large animal with a bow or spear and what a great help a wolf would be in hunting large game.

  55. 12:05 There is no prof that humans ever nursed wolves of visa versa (unless one is named Romulus or Remus). 13:10 I have to agree with him on this. 14:17 It looks like they finally figured out why man domesticate dogs. Dogs can do ok without humans, they are called Dingos.
    22:45 This is when it gets cool!

  56. 27:01 It looks like the people who made this have no idea that Harriers are used to not only hunt fox they are used to hunt and kill Mountain Lions. 28:40 it is interesting how a dog can love people so much and also love birds as much (well love to kill birds that is)

  57. 06:05 and it was all down hill from there…
    I love wolves but I can’t stand dogs nor what humanity has shaped them to be.
    Thus I became a cat person. They are still close to wild depending on the species. Much less domesticated and tamper-bread than dogs.
    There will come a time many years down the road, when humanity ruins the feline species just as much as they have the canine. That will be a sad moment in history.
    One only hopes not to stick around long enough to see it…

  58. Keep making up excuses for owning an inferior pet.

    Dogs are superior companions and have done more for humanity than cats ever will. I find it offensive what you said.

  59. it’s not the dogs fault they are the way they are…shouldn’t hate dogs because of what humans have done to them. I’d much rather have a fun loving dog over a lazy couch potato cat.

  60. I don’t hate dogs as such. I just find them extremely irritating. Little, yappy, rat-dogs being the perfect example.
    I just feel like they shouldn’t exist within nature and now that they’re here, they are a constant annoyance.
    It’s cruel that these little monstrosities are bread for our amusement, yet they have to suffer the ill effects and genetic defects all their short little lives whilst we sit and chuckle.
    I don’t think I’ve got my point across very well here, but…¯_(ツ)_/¯

  61. Too bad. You exist in a time when lions tigers leopards cheetahs are all endangered. Man has contributed majorly to the eradication of some of the most graceful and beautiful feline species. The reason it won’t happen to house cats is because they have no previous instinctual behaviours that can benefit us humans. Other than being company. Dogs are pack animals, trainable much more so than cats. But look at cat fashion shows, haven’t we already lowered the bar for cats? Everyone to their opinion

  62. I agree to some extent with you. It just still amazes me that the toy breeds and lap dog’s come from these beautys of nature. The malamute, husky, wulfdog and the german shepherd dog still reminds me of the wolf is some way though. Huskies and Malamutes rarely bark. They have the same characteristics as wolves. They howl like the wolf instead of barking and letting the ‚yap‘ sound out. The true dogs are only the one’s I love and adore. We went too far with the different breeds.

  63. If you cant love such a simple creature such as dog, i highly doubt you can love a human child which is much more complicated and difficult then a dog…

  64. Did you know that dogs are by far the most loyal and loving species tours humans? And that without the domestication of wolves into dogs we would probably still be living like nomads since it was the dogs who helped us keep flocks of livestock? Cats are useless and dont like you. Have you ever seen a cat walking a blind person? or a bomb sniffing cat? or perhaps a cat that helps stop drug trafficking? these are just some of the things dogs have done for us. what have cats done? Nothing lol

  65. Judging by your comment I’m summing up that not only did you miss my point, but perhaps you missed the point of the documentary as well.
    I’ll phrase it this way so perhaps you’ll understand what I was trying to convey.

    When it comes to genetic modification, or altering the course of nature. Humans have very mixed views. We happily breed countless species of dogs that are, as a result, born with all manner of mental and physical problems, causing them to die early, suffer throughout their lives.

  66. However, if someone came and attempted to do the same thing to Human beings, as we have done to dogs. The world would be in uproar.
    From a moral stand point, isn’t it wrong of humans to dictate the fate of another species of being? Sure, some of them have benefited from it.
    But many, many dogs have had an adverse effect. I’m not talking in small numbers either. Whole Species of dogs that humanity has created are doomed to live their lives in pain, or worse.

  67. Many of these „man made“ species of dogs just repel me. I look at them and try to see a place for them in nature, when it doesn’t exist. They physically could not survive without us.
    You can’t compare a dog to a baby. Babies grow up, become self dependant, where as most heavily „tampered with“ species of dogs will never and can never do so.
    Also, cats do like humans, they are just very self sufficient. 🙂

  68. Without cats, many cultures would have died because of diseases and starvation because cats kill rats and mice which destroy our crops and carry deadly diseases like plague.

  69. I often wonder how my lab Sasha, was able to tell my wrist had been mangled as she would sniff,paw and nudge it with her nose constantly.. sure enough.. I am scheduled for surgery on that hand. She knew there was a problem before me or the doctors did and saved me from losing all the bones in my wrist. she also „sings“ to me if ignored and will repeat untill I say.. „lovins“ then tip her head back for kisssing and give licks in return.

  70. Kind of glitchy, but all in all, very good. National Geographic is one of my favorite programs (sorry if that’s incorrect). They have so many subjects and this one was made very well. The thing though, is that I don’t think that NG added Dire Wolves to this, but maybe Dire Wolves were in North America with wolves fighting for food when Homo Sapiens were still in Africa.
    Also, Dire Wolves died out and wolves lived! I think that wolves were more intelligen, but DW were stronger and bigger.

  71. My whole life, my mom, my sister, my dada, etc. have only had dogs because well, not being rude but cats just don’t have the love and loyalty that dogs do.
    + Dogs have been proven to expand some years on your life;)

  72. me and my girlfriend own a husky, and after having him for close to a year now we really cant refer to anything other than huskies, malamutes, shepherds as dogs

    we openly tell people who have the small yappy lap dogs that they own a rat, not a dog.

  73. My mom has a Yorkshire terrier and he is the most annoying and yappyest dog I’ve ever met in my life!

    I’m hopefully getting a Anglo Wolf dog, Siberian Husky or Alaskan Malamute next year.

  74. Having a Husky is tough work, they are very intelligent, but therefor very stubborn if you arent giving them all the attention they feel they deserve. Our husky will on occasion, seek revenge against us if we piss him off. One time my girlfriend pissed him off by yelling at him for attacking a stuffed animal from her childhood, he thought it was a toy of his, so he pissed on her dvd’s leaving mine untouched. He will steal stuff and tear it up if we ignore him. No training so far has helped.

  75. But on the flip side, he is very loyal, and protective. But still very friendly. Hes the kind of dog that you can talk to and he will KNOW what you’re saying, and vice versa, and you build a relationship with him/her unlike most other dogs. You almost get an instinct about each other. The intelligence to the husky has a lot more good than the stubborness i talked about.

    As far as howling goes, our bud doesnt do much, I think he thinks he communicates what he wants better through barking.

  76. I know the traits and characteristics of the Siberian Husky. They are my childhood favorite and my favorite breed even now. I’ve always researched about them and found them interesting but have wild life traits at the same time. I know they are hard work which is one of the reasons why i’ve never been allowed to keep one as a child but now i’m responsible enough i’ll be getting one. I’m so happy that my childhood dream will be coming true, owning my very own Siberian husky 🙂

  77. Gosh… the ending about the Randy who rescues dogs was awesome, and made me tear up a bit! I hate seeing dogs that are abandoned… it’s just not fair that these kinds of things happen.. but the best news is that there are many happy endings! 🙂 Loved it!

  78. All I can say is when I rescued Max from a green needle I thought I was doing him a service. I realize now it was him that rescued me when I didnt know I needed saving.. 150lbs of goof and unconditional love.

  79. The start of the Italian water rescue the narrator says Newfoundland Dogs yet they show a Leonberger. Not a big deal but people overlook the Leonberger. They are typically stronger swimmers & more apt to just dive in to any challenge. They do not hesitate to start working. It does not matter the situation, a Leonberger loves people so much, it ignores the survival instinct.

  80. Simply amazing…that dude at the end rescuing strays should be given a medal of HONOR just made me choke upand Im a tuff guy =) God Bless ya man and anyone else who does the same. This is OUR problem and ignorance,selfishness and cruelty is and should be punished to the fullest extent!

  81. It’s insane (in the cool way) the variation of dogs today, that they all came from wolves. If we wanted to, I wonder what other species we’d be able to drastically change? XD

  82. hahaha, 138 (or something) bird strikes on planes, how can we stop birds from flying into our planes?
    Hilarious, im sure the birds might debate what is flying into who..

  83. And like everything else, once the wolves served their purpose, once new breeds came into existence into the pets we have today, humans threw them away and ungratefully forgot about them, like discarded trash, the old model of a cell phone. Wolves, the land phone in an iPad world. =__=

  84. „The true dogs are only the one’s I love and adore“? Oh goodness, such egocentrism. I suppose you also fancy yourself entitled to be the one to decide for all of us what’s going „too far“, based on your personal preference. However, regardless of your preferences, the more basal a dog is in its behaviour, the more unruly and demanding a pet it is. If you genuinely like those kinds of dogs, you absolutely do not want to put them on a pedestal above others, it only places them in the wrong homes.

  85. Have you actually seen most of the breeds in this day and age? They look like cats or rats. Yes the true dogs are only the one’s I love and adore…Look at the ‚I‘ that mean’s me, not you, not everybody but ME. I didn’t say “ Oh I think you’re all idiots because you have small breeds or breeds that don’t resemble or act like wolves“..I didn’t say that did I..Get off your high horse and accept the fact that most breeds don’t act dog like at all..Take toy breeds or lap dog’s for example.

  86. That day has already come, actually. Cats have been bred to fulfill human preferences – Persians have smuched-in faces (and have lost nearly all their street-smarts due to so many centuries on the laps of French royalty), the Siamese have become weak-boned, etc. I understand you said ’still wild depending on the species‘, but so are dogs. Depending on the species. 🙂

  87. You are kidding yourself if you think Siberian Huskies, German Shepherds and Alaskan Malamutes are in any way „ancient“ or „true“. They are SHOW BREEDS and didn’t even exist before the 1920s. Think about that for a moment: There are people alive today that are OLDER than entire breeds of dog. Greyhounds, Mastiffs and Pit Bulldogs are all far older than the show breeds you mentioned are. You can find paintings of them back from the 1600s and carvings even older than that.

  88. i like dogs, but i prefere cats as i respect their independence ^^

    dogs are very kind companions, are truly loyal if a little bit despret, and the larger breeds can seem almost human (though not so much with the yappy things =P)

    cats are loyal in their own way, much more like a friend rather than a young child following you around, and can be quite aloof.

    they both have good and bad =)

  89. I think this subject is fasincating even though we can still not be sure when wolves & humans first formed relationship but how far its came and what we created is something out of this world. Evolution and adaptation at its most interesting even if we did start to engineer them to our advantage at some point.

  90. Maybe humans were just getting drunk and making certain types of dogs fuck over and over and seeing what happened…

    Or maybe they chained like dogs or like wolves together as protection around camps feeding them cooked meat in return simultaneously gaining their loyalty increasing their intelligence due to the increased nutrient absorption that is possible with cooked food.

  91. Wolves REQUIRE a pack to hunt, whereas large cats do not. Hunting as a small pack is more a social trait than necessity. There are plenty of large cats like tigers and mountain lions, who are known to be solitary hunters.

  92. Well, wrong on many levels. Dogs began their divergence from wolves long before humans invented/discovered alcohol. Chains, and even dog proof ropes also didn’t show up till much much later. Uncooked meat is much more nutritious than cooked meat, especially to a carniverous animal. The reason we cook meat is because human digestive abilities have declined to the point that common bacteria are deadly to us, unlike wolves or proto dogs.

  93. This is a feel good doco and it’s great to see so many working animals. As a balance though you guys should watch Pedigree Dogs Exposed. Don’t assume these healthy working corgis and border collies and poodles are the same animals as those being created in the show ring. We’ve done more in the last 200 years to destroy dogs then we did over the thousands of years it took to build them.

  94. It could be argued that horses have contributed more to human evolution more than any other animal. But humans have contributed more to dog evolution than we have to any other animal. No animal is so close to human, mentally, as a dog. They’re really special.

  95. Cruelty IS and should be punished… If I understood this right, Cruelty most definitely is not punished to the fullest extent, the UK has the highest standards of animal welfare and legislation yet the majority of welfare cases dont even make it to court as they are not deemed significant enough to take up court time… Outside of the UK animal welfare is just a complete joke. Even America which tries to make itself out to be pro welfare is decades behind in welfare development.

  96. Fascinating! This exploration of the long, ancient history of human relationships with dogs helps explain why dogs will follow us humans everywhere, even into war, as they still do today (and did in the American Civil War). No wonder American soldiers become so close to today’s Military Working Dogs who support them, and no wonder the soldiers feel drawn to adopt strays in the countries where they serve. The ability to create strong relationships with dogs has become part of our humanity.

  97. why didn’t say nothing about the dog made for dog fighting..they said everything but that you cannot omit the darkest period of one’s history is like making a documentary about mankind and not saying anything about the holocaust

  98. They are. The baking at the beginning says that the documentarians got midi files of dogs for sound samples and the „wolves“ are either real captive wolves-wolves that are bred in captivity,malamutes, or huskies.

  99. Interesting, but too simplistic. Now in Wisconsin, US, it is legal to night hunt, bait, and trap wolves. Wolves still cause high emotions in the ignorant. Plus, those with small parts have to always „prove“ themselves by killing.

  100. As a matter of fact lions, cheetah’s and leopards have all been domesticated throughout history for hunting, war, and as status symbols (the kings of England used to have a chained lion in their entourage; nowadays it’s drug lords).

    But felines are more independent, stronger, and more easily angered or annoyed – in which case they lash out – and it is much harder to predict their behavior.

    Dogs on the other hand WANT to be loved/bonded. Try watching Cesar Milan to get some perspective. Cheers!

  101. 1:29:48 It’s nice that this guy is doing this but…I don’t take responsibilty over what SOMEONE ELSE did with their dogs. Blame the peope who dump their dogs on the street not responsible individuals who know how to keep a dog. So he needs to stop that „it’s OUR problem, because of other people“ crap.

    I never dumped a dog on the streets.Go after irresponsible dog owners. >:(

  102. Ahh that’s my dog, the Great Pyrenees! I’ll always have one! My girl I have now is my best friend and I know she would never let anything happen to me -3

  103. Actually, Inuit tribes up in Northern Alaska and Canada have had malamutes way before white settlers arrived. Its still debated on when the breed first appeared, but many scientists say they breed may have been around for a thousand years. Your right about the other breeds though.

  104. dogs are actually the best animal anyone who disagrees is just an ungrateful prick who doesnt acknowledge all the awesome shit theyve done for us all these years

  105. All dogs should have some type of „job“. Cuts down on behavior problems, and owners thinking the dog is at fault… their usually just bored. I see that alot, then they get rid of the dog for chewing etc… you have to keep the dog mentally and physically stimulated or they get bored. I often have to ask people… „how would you feel, if you were in the same yard, same house doing the same thing, day in day out?“ You’d be bored and likely have cabin fever…. somet people don’t get it though.

  106. Thank you Randy, thank you very much. You are the type of person we need more of in our world. You must have a lot devotion,dedication, and big heart to these dogs. God bless you very much. Keep up the good work Randy.

  107. thats a bit racist 🙂 i like my horses, cats and sheep too – also the cows and cattle, chicken and bees have done a lot for us in the past thousand of years.. theyre just not as fluffy. I like my two dogs – but „best animal“ is an attribute i dont give to any animal. It just shows the presence of a tunnelvision.

  108. I can assure you, my siberian husky does not come from a „show breed“ tribe – we bought it in lapland from a sled-dog user. (that is finland, northern europe, north of the arctic circle – and these kind of dogs, as well as the „lapphund“ – are around the indigneus tribes since long before the concept of „show dogs“ was created in commerciamerica)

  109. as a result, she runs like crazy as soon we attach her to a bige, sled or ourselves on ski. (check my videos „zoolkhan husky“ in search) …so, the „show“ was not bred into her.. but the desire to run and pull… w/o any motivation from me at all. Sled dog mushers, have to use an anchor – otherwise their dogs would run off with the sled.. Show dogs? i beg to differentiate.

  110. ?? i am not sure if i understand the reason behind this insult, i just have agreed with your post. havent i? If that makes me a smart ass – what does it make you then?

    despite that, i do have dogs, i live in finland – i use sleds and bikes for my husky
    chances are i actually do know what i talk about.

  111. My grandparents on both sides are from Copenhagen by the way. 🙂 I know not the same place but wish I could move where you live or Copenhagen, both beautiful places by the way.

  112. And also by the way, admittedly, I fell victim to my own pet peeve, which is, you can’t get emotion out of text, comments, etc…. sometimes. I just took it wrong.

  113. 1:24:00 ..dogs abandoned chase a bird but dont eat it. ; Wow i guess, my non abandoned, and everyday well fed dogs havent got the memo. They eat whatever they get into their fangs.. mice.. birds.. and if they catch one, also the odd rabbit….

    The real problem is, that dogs abandoned in urban places dont find anything to hunt down. Or theyre just not clever/fast enough for hunting succsessfully. But if theyre hungry, and they get something – theyll eat. it. Kastrate the streydogs.. only way

  114. ..or else they breed, and you end up with more dogs in need of rescue…

    same thing with non-sterilized cats. Best help they can get, is proper birth control.

  115. Wolves are excellent hunters, but they get hurt a lot during the hunt. A lot of times it’s fatal. Solution, work with humans, protect each other and hunt in the most efficient and safe way. It’s a win for everyone.

  116. It was also fairly likely, that humans would have found a number of wolf pups, abandoned by the mother, or left alone; even humans today would probably take the pup in and raise it. Instant bond. Baboons also domesticate wild dogs to protect against other wild dogs.

  117. Anyone else notice the un natural blonde with dark roots at 4:54 ? 😛 Kinda ruins my suspense of belief that this is prehistoric times.

  118. 32.000 years huh ???
    Pls explain HOW the Australian Aboriginies came to Australia 40.000 – 70.000 years ago and brought dogs with them.

    More dis-information I suspect.

  119. Australia was populated by humans already 50-60 000 years ago, and they got there by boat. Check out The Incredible Human Journey for example.

  120. I would suggest looking more into the „Russian Fox domestication study“. You would be surprised at how human intervention can change a species habits and identity, through simple genetic selection. Then you will understand how the dog came from the wolf.

  121. wow .-. i cant believe…i have just come across a complete stupid, no-knowing, domass who doesnt know a thing about ancestory, wolves, dogs, humans, or anything!! .-.

  122. not to be a jerk because i agree that the American Timber Wolf as well as all other breeds home and abroad should be protected as national treasures you should really throw some of that anger at other countries as well and if i remember correctly Great Britan hunted the native breed to extinction centuries ago just saying not hating have a great day

  123. You mean you’d rather fairy tales? As evolution isn’t a fairy tale…

    this is a story of how we got dogs, with the evidence. No silly stories from pre-bronze aged nomads.

    Then again, there is a good chance your a Poe, but it’s so hard to tell.

  124. Bred to hunt rats and other rodents. Easy to get in borrows when you’re small. same as corgis and scotties, and many other very small breeds of dog.

  125. evolution of dogs- yes, I believe in !!! (created by humans)
    evolution of mankind- I disagree……. (who`s the creator here – happened just by accident ??!)
    But not everyone might agree in the eras and years as they tell…

    overall a great film though.

  126. Nice documentary hope they didn’t include chopped-ear dogs. It’s one thing to say dog ears come in an amazing variety and another to associate this statement to images of mutilated dogs for aesthetic reasons.

  127. Watched the whole thing, amazing. Inspired me so much, I want to do what the guy did at the end also, we created dogs, so we have to have responsabilty to raise them

  128. I find this fascinating. I got a Beagle 18 years old. He pees and poo’s in all the wrong places and I wonder why I clean up his pee and poo. I think the old saying „Man’s best friend“ is the only explanation. Thank God for dogs.
    With my compliments

  129. Belief is irrelevant. Reality is what matters, and the reality is that dogs evolved because their ecological niche and environment changed. We just happened to be those changes in this case. Survival of the fittest applies to wolves and humans, but usually it’s nature – not humans – that determine the „fitness goals“

  130. You know why I wrote „believe in“ ? Because I did not attend being there in the thousands of years. I only was able to watch for some decades…. On the rest I agree totally.

  131. That is not necessarily true. Greyhounds tend to naturally hold their tails in that posture. Google search some greyhound images and you will see what I mean.

  132. there are other types of cats than just the two largest species youve listed. There are small wild cats that can breed with domestic cats. And I wouldn’t necesarily take this documentary as fact rather than just popular opinion with some facts to back it up. It’s just our best guess that dogs come from wolves. Alot can change over 20,000 years with selective breeding.

  133. Dude felt all guilty for not rescuing that dog that died at the end. That sucks but that’s cool that guy is that committed.

  134. What the heck is this 32,000 years ago they speak of? Earth was created by God 6-10k years ago, duh! Oh, you want proof? It says so in the Bible, therefore it’s irrefutably proven. Bam.

    Btw, I“m obviously mocking them. No one is brazen enough to proclaim this in forum like this. They instead tend to ignore the facts voluntarily.

  135. Did you know that most dog breeds that exist today were created in the last
    100 years?

    A wonderful story of how we made man’s best friend, how they have helped
    and continue to help us live fulfilling lives.

    #Dog #Domestication #Evolution

  136. It’s interesting how an entire year in the public school system taught me only a fraction of material, whereas youtube on its own has taught me the vast majority of what I learned this year. I figure a school system designed to average out at good grades for funding is typically dumbed-down and can’t contest with the internet; known for its availability of information, but still. What’s an education if it doesn’t teach?

  137. School teaches, or should teach, how to learn and seek out information. The fact you are seeking out information and watching documentaries on the internet means that your school and upbringing are doing it’s job.

  138. Not really. I spent my time from 8th grade through the first semester of 12th grade at a catholic school/college preparatory school. Due to family issues, I had to move in with my mother and finish the school year in a public school. The attitude towards learning by the students, and, to my surprise, even some of the teachers, was poor. I know very few people from public schools who are as open to science and learning as my catholic school friends. In fact, most kids here reinforce social-

  139. -(cont.) stereotypes and use it as an excuse for not learning. I have already met several people at this school who deny evolution, think the world is 6,000 years old, and think science is in itself flawed. The reason I started looking up information such as evolution and the like is because several months back, I became and atheist. Only a month or two back did I truly begin to appreciate science and what I can learn, and that’s when I became obsessed with watching videos about science. –

  140. (cont2) I’ve slowly been working my way into having the attention span capable of reading actual books for myself, but having ADD and being raised on television doesn’t help out too much. Some teachers here seem to fail to grasp the point of teaching. They focus more on trivial tasks like putting your backpack under your desk (even though in her other class she gets mad at this and wants everyone to put them at the wall) than teaching the class. Meh, im just ranting now.

  141. Also, from my experience, all school does is a bunch of repetition and simple busy work. However, this wasn’t the case when I took philosophy, which was deeply interesting and conducted very well. I figure it’s because there were only 6 students and this was the first year my school taught philosophy. Also, psychology was a good class, which frequently kept advancing, but also managed to keep the students‘ focus.

  142. Well either way you found the light, which is good. I think school is more about developing somebody socially these days. If you crave and desire to learn, you will put yourself out there and find information. I was never challenged by school, but I’m glad for it. Maybe your schooling wasn’t any good. My point was at some point you found yourself here, so something went right.

  143. Yeah. School was pretty easy (even when I started getting assigned 8 hours of homework every day at the catholic school. My dad couldn’t handle it and tried to make me go faster on it by messing up my process of doing homework. Let’s just say my grades aren’t anywhere near they should be).
    My schooling at the catholic school was amazing. Until my dad put me in a major depressive phase, I loved every minute of school, and cherished the challenge of doing homework that was somewhat difficult.

  144. in all fairness dogs are awesome and i do love watching documentaries… but why are those the top comments? people are so dumb

  145. Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring–it was peace..The dog is the most faithful of animals…..

  146. an adult wolf going near the camp fire then the man handed it meat and then the wolf suddenly became tamed is a theory probably thought by someone who knows nothing about dogs.

  147. no honorary mention of all the Vietnam dogs that gave there live for there us army comrades and saved hundreds if not thousands of troopers

  148. how disappointing that so much of the presentation is about dogs being used by humans as hunters to take down all kinds of beautiful birds. Plus, really corny, boring soundtrack. Too bad, what could be better than a well done doc about dogs but this ain’t it!

  149. Yet your statement has just proven just how varied our own species‘ mental capacity can be through natural selection. Surely evolved changes in physical appearance and ability are possible too?

  150. Evolution has starting points. For example, 100 years ago, 80% of the dog species we have today didn’t exist. We have changed the course of the dogs evolution through our own selective breeding. Yes, they all came from the wolf.

  151. Your common sense is wrong… all modern dogs can be genetically linked to wolves, all the different sizes and shapes are accomplished through selective breeding and this is prime example of microevolution

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  153. „For thousands of years, we trespasses in a world that was NOT ours.“ What is this bollocks!?!? Why wasn’t it ours just as much as it was the other animals? We were there, weren’t we? „Even for this top predator, hunting was hard work that often went unrewarded.“ True, but why then did you say a few minutes ago that, „Once they sniffed out prey, it was already too late [for the prey].“ Who the hell writes this crap?

  154. And babies do not come from my penis. As it is not baby shaped. Nor will they come from my girlfriends vagina, as that is not baby shaped. So i guess the stories must be true. There really is a stork!

  155. As I watch this video of the most majestic creature I have ever seen (the wolf), I look over at my German Shepherd who is sprawled out on his back with his paws in the air…real majestic, Chance, real majestic.

  156. wolves started following humans because they provided a resource. They knew not to kill them because they would keep providing them with food as well as some protection due to being in a larger pack. In the beginning wolves domesticated humans

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    If you have friends and relatives in that city, tell them to avoid buildings on the said date lest they be caught up by the earthquake and be buried alive…


  159. Yes, but with humans it takes longer as dogs reproduce alot faster and come to sexual maturity quicker, so in the time it takes a female woman to became able to bear a child, a dog could have had say 7 or 8 generations.

  160. Well, there’s lots of debate if our origin came from God or Science, so all of us can’t tell really, where our origin came from.

  161. Ancient Killer Dogs sounds like a made up name. Probably made up by you, just to have a name for wolves. I don’t what the fuck is going on in your brain. But it must be something.

  162. youre comparing apples to corn evolution and creation is a totaly different debate were not speaking About the origin the debate here is wether or not „all“ dogs stem from the ancestral line of the wolf saying „all“dogs come from wolves is like saying without wolves there would be no dogs which is u true and complete utter claptrap

  163. You are grossly misrepresenting the so-called „controversy,“ as if it’s a dichotomy that we have trouble deciding between. Science has supplied the frameworks by which we can reasonably judge reality, and the evidence explains some of the aspects of our origins, some of which totally contradicts the Bible. We don’t know much, but NOTHING compelling has EVER supported the God hypothesis, or any other bizarre „explanation,“ like if Santa did all this. No one is „torn“ in the way you suggest.

  164. Anyone who would willingly hurt or abandon a dog is utter scum. My dad had an alpine dingo that lived to 17 before his legs started to go. had trouble getting up to greet dad one morning and was put down that afternoon because dad couldn’t bear to see him suffer. Amazing dog (Asiatic Wolf really) he was one of the rare alpine breed that is pure white all over. loved us kids, never ran away or caused trouble. our parents used to find us as toddlers asleep in his kennel with him. Miss you Johnno

  165. And Man Created Dog – a National Geographic presentation
    And Man Created Dog – a National Geographic presentation
    And Man Created Dog – a National Geographic presentation
    And Man Created Dog – a National Geographic presentation
    And Man Created Dog – a National Geographic presentation


  167. Wow your family kept a real dingo??? That’s SO COOL!!! I’ve always thought dingoes can’t be tamed and kept as a pet „dog“.

  168. In my opinion, geese are freakin‘ annoying. They come to my school fields and poop all over. I almost stepped in Geese shit once. Such a nuisance.

  169. Wait John, weren’t you the one that criticized me for just saying my opinion!? I hate you! And what are ancient killer dogs anyway…???

  170. LOL.. Science disagrees with you. Dogs are direct descendants of Wolves. Proven through multiple scientific fields, including through the science of genetics.. Its hard to argue with DNA evidence..

  171. Yes, you can do it with any species… it was done with humans during the early to mid 20th century. Look up eugenics for detailed information.

  172. You have a profound misunderstanding of how evolution works. Your statement is reminiscent of the argument creationists make when they argue „If humans came from apes, then how come there are still apes walking around“. Evolution doesn’t work like that and I can’t explain it to you in one comment, so just reading Wikipedia will suffice for you and give you a basic understanding of evolutionary theory.

  173. Mikeh your understanding of evolution is totaly fucked up there variant forms of evolution ….such as macro and micro no form of true evolutiion has ever been proven. Genetics And dna testing have never proven true evolution dipshit. Yes its prove. That other species have bred into the human bloodline such as neanderthal man but we did not evolve from neanderthal man

  174. Thank you glad you expressed that key „“theory“ now you just fucking contradicted yourself evolution is not proven the only evolution proven is macro evolution now sit down and shut the fuck up

  175. And mikah yes its hard to argue with dna evidence so tell me if all dogs come from wolves explain to everyone why is that only a certain majority of dogs are genetically connected to wolves:?

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  177. No? You need to get an education, but no. Dogs are descended from wolves, they are not wolves, thus their DNA has changed slightly.

  178. Hey you lose do u fucking listen to and adhere to everything the fucking educational system /political systems tells look bitch why dont u go out there and try to get a dog tested for wolf dna i bet you wont find not a single company doing it. Stop being a fucking drone and wake

  179. Under 40 different breeds of dogs have been tested for wolf dna theres over 8,000 different breeds of dog:/ out of the 40 breeds of dogs that have tested only a few share the same dna sequence as a wolf u fucking idiots it is not conclusive that dogs truly evolved from wolves

  180. Amazing programme giving an Incredible insight into the closest living thing to our well being (as an atheist i’m loath to say „soul“) .. but they surely are incredible creatures who had a part to play in making us modern humans.

  181. Lol was that a t-Rex that killed them if so just think again plz!! I mean I kind sounded lik a sick mammoth that was about to eat them


  183. OK… there’s something around 2% difference between wolf DNA & dog DNA which is about the same as the difference between chimpanzee DNA & human DNA. With humans it is not thought that we evolved from chimpanzees but that both of us evolved from a common ancestor. If this is also true of wolves & dogs we couldn’t say that wolves are dog’s ancestors or dogs came from wolves. The narration of this show occassionally suggests some sort of direct linage of descendancy which is probably not the case.

  184. Tell me did you derive that theory from the „biblical kinds“ concept or did you have a team of monkeys up all night doing genetic studies for you?

  185. In fairness, there were some dog-like creatures that existed with the Therapsids, warm blooded reptiles that existed before Dinosaurs, some people do make the mistake of thinking they are related to modern Dogs in some way.

  186. I really need to stop reading YouTube comments on documentaries. It does nothing to negate the growing feelings of misanthropy that well up within me.

  187. I have a cat, but when I lived in Singapore, she used to play with dogs all the time. She even went inside a fence with a big dog inside and ate his food as he watched without being upset. I love dogs and cats alike.

  188. I’ve always loved dogs. Border Collies are amazing. I’ve spent most time around Jack Russells, Corgis and Border Terriers though. Must get myself back into a situation where I can keep dogs. I miss them!

  189. I am the only one in my family that love dogs. They are afraid of dogs no matter the size. I always wanted a dog..now I am on my own, I wanted to get a dog, but my family said they won’t visit me if I have a dog 🙁 I want a dog!!

  190. At the end of the day, no matter where the modern dog came from, there is
    nothing more comforting than having one at your feet while you sleep.

  191. What a gorgeous Sammy! Wonderful to see responsible breeders really checking for genetic disorders like hip dysplasia early on to ensure the not only the best dogs possible, but the most healthy dogs possible.

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  193. You can still get a dog and have a relationship with your family. Just go to their place. Your dog will be OK for a few hours. Your dog will be your best friend forever and give you what people do not have the ability to give, Unconditional Love. Animal Shelters and Animal Rescue Organizations exit in almost every city. Please go on line and research the kind of dog that is best for your particular circumstance, ie small or low energy level, etc. Good Luck with your new best friend.

  194. There is a dwindling population of grey wolves in America that are quickly being slaughtered by hunters. The hunters can legally use dogs to take down wolves, which is GOVERNMENT SANCTIONED ANIMAL FIGHTING. PLEASE, YOU CAN DO SOMETHING. You can comment on regulations.gov in the search bar enter „wolves“ BY SEPT. 11, 2013.

    Tell the FWS you don’t want wolves taken off the endangered species list. Remember, mans best friend is 99.9% wolf, and it is a huge crime to abuse dogs.


  195. I dont want to make people who can’t have a dog feel bad but I’m hanging out with two retired Florida racing Greyhounds and were watching this on the bed!

  196. Wow its your life, your not a child anymore you can make your own decisions. If you want a dog get a damn dog. Lock it in a bedroom while they visit or take it to a dog hotel (places where you can keep your dog while your out of town ect)

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  198. The title is wrong.Evolution created the dog. Man merely „domesticated “ the animal that was already dog.Most of the literature confuses evolve with domesticate ,i.e. tame.

  199. I have 5 wonderful dogs! i am such a animal lover and theres no doubt about it. im only 13 and wanna be a zoo keeper! or some kind of animal cop at our SPCA. most people say „i wanna be a vet‘ „a vet‘ „i love animals i wanna be a vet“ well i understood there are certain things u gotta do to be a vet. i changed my mind when i was 10!!! Ugh i love animals

  200. You’re sitting on a computer connected to the internet. The knowledge of the entire human race is at your fingertips. (There’s a lot of other junk there too, but that’s irrelevant to the matter at hand.) As such, why is it that you don’t just open up your favorite search engine and look up the word you don’t understand?

  201. Very well. Ordinarily, I’d direct you to use your search engine, as I did with the previous fellow, but I’m in a relatively good mood, so I’ll clarify it for you. Misanthropy is a general hatred, disgust, or mistrust of humanity in general, or at least the majority of human beings. In my case, I’d say it leans more toward disgust. „Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.“

    Wait a minute… Did I seriously just quote the old 80’s G.I. Joe cartoon? I need to go reevaluate my life.

  202. At the end, it was too sad to see the man cry when he saw that the dog had died. People like him should be rewarded, because what he does helps us in a way. Abandoned dogs cause accidents and things that can be prevented, so he is doing a great job providing these dogs a place where they can live, eat and be healthy. Great video thanks for the upload.

  203. I am blessed with the ability to raise a pack of dogs. Some are family some are rescues. It’s the most amazing learning time of my life. It’s a lot of work to do it right and with love and care but truly one of the greatest gifts of my life.

  204. Right now there is a political movement to delist the wolf from protection in many states and it’s motivated by greed per usual. More than 1,100 wolves have been killed in the Northern Rockies since Congress stripped them of ESA protections back in 2011. This is a perfect example of what happens when politics is allowed to steam roll science.

    Check out defenders of wildlife if this concerns you.

  205. And Man Created Dog er en spændende fortælling om menneskets bedste ven,
    nemlig hunden. Et 40.000 år venskab.
    Fra ulv til menneskeskabt hund.