Burning Crusade: Pieces of Information from Closed Beta

The Burning Crusade closed beta has started and it also started without NDA. I doubt it would have worked anyhow to keep the NDA up, but this way its much more legal to publish new content.

Well here are some snippets without any guarantees:

Fast flying mounts will cost 5000G – if that will decrease the amount of farming bots?

The pricing may not be final but that is the current price shown in the beta (for the epic flying mount riding skill). Keep in mind that from 60 to 70 you’re going to be getting a lot more gold, so the price won’t actually reflect what it may take to build that amount in the current game.“Drysc

An informative description of the new starting areas.

Dual wielding shamans can buff each weapon.

Arena Teams can be named.

Some more beta screenshots can be found here.

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