Burning Crusade has started.

I think I have never seen as much World of Warcraft Players as this morning in the electronic store. Maybe it was the horror from the initial launch of Word of Warcraft where the Box was sold out for weeks to come that drove all those people in the electronic store.

Actually I wanted to go to a midnight sale, but without internet this was not rally of any use. Fortunatley the new internet line was connected already at 9:00 this morning and I was able to be at the store when it opened. I have not seen so many pale faces and strange people as I have seen this morning … just to realize that I am one of them … haha

Client is downloading the patch and I will be online again soon.

I just read the news that the Media Markt in Cologne Germany was overrun last midnight. There were so many customers pushing to get into the mall that the glassdoors broke and 2 customers were injured. Probably too many orcs or cowmen pushing from the back.

By the way. If You came here via Search Engine, looking for a particular posting you need to use the search function on the sidebar to find the article if it is no longer visible on the start page. Google, MSN do not link to the postings directly, just to the Main Page.

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