Borked Guild.

As You may have noticed I removed the Borked Links from the Website. I had not been playing the last weeks of WoW 1.0 and with the Start of TBC the connection was just not the same it was before. When I abandonded my old Rogue – to reroll Human – I thought it would change once I turn 70, but it did not.

Then I noticed that it is much easier to find a group as a druid and brought him to 70 and thought it would change once I am well geared for heroics, etc but most of the time it felt like playing solo.

I am quite sure I might regret this step at some point, but I made this decidion and will stick to it. Apart from having a lot of skilled players there are many friendly players! My best wishes to Borked and their future raiding, it has been a great time in one of the best guilds of the world.

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