About 30 minutes prior the „Ninja goofing on a table“-video we had been at these…

About 30 minutes prior the „Ninja goofing on a table“-video we had been at these meadows.
The grass was taller than Ninja and it was fun to see him jump around like that…
Usually Ninja is too lazy for this… but at the time he really enjoyed these jumps.
I had to hold the camera a lot higher than usual, so it could focus on Ninja as he jumped. The drawback was that the sense of the jump’s height is a bit lost. I have a composite of 3 pictures that I will post as a story… just to give you a better sense for it.
I might go to the Austria at the weekend. I am not sure if it is a good idea… The health, breathing, alps… but it is also cool and Austria 😁😁
Maybe I can trump my shots of Ninja in the Silbertal last year… or maybe visit the Silvretta-lake… Sounds so tempting…
We could maybe make some new father-and-son-pictures… possibly meet Lupo and Ely with their wonderful humans 😊
Still have a few days to decide… should I?


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21 Antworten auf „About 30 minutes prior the „Ninja goofing on a table“-video we had been at these…“

  1. I would do the easiest thing for you atm so that sounds like meeting the humans! And oh wow! I love it! I normally manually focus and then wait for Khaleesi to jump through so your hard work has still paid off! Wonderful shot!

  2. @khaleesi_thedobe the easy part here was that there was no obstacle above the grass… I used zone focus on the top part of the center, meaning the auto focus would not even try to focus on the grass… and to help it focus faster I pre-focused where I though Ninja would jump

  3. So ein schönes Tier, ich mache Musik und wollte fragen ob ich ein schönes Foto von Ninja als Album Cover nehmen darf da ja mein Nachname de wolff ist und ich möchte bilder nicht einfach so nehmen werdet auch gewatermarked und erwähnt

  4. @flixfit_ Danke… ich habe Ihren Spam hier bei dem Verband der deutschen Internetwirtschaft und der Freiwilligen Selbstkontrolle Multimedia-Diensteanbieter (FSM) gemeldet. Instagram ist kein rechtafreier Raum… Desseiteren habe ich sie bei Instagram wegen benutzung eines Programmes zum automatischen kommentieren gemeldet.

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