You may have noticed that the pictures show a lot more details now and that the …

You may have noticed that the pictures show a lot more details now and that the background seems a bit more blurred.
I still use my budget camera, even if I do not know how many more shutter counts it will provide. 4.5 years ago I got this camera and made 262 000 pictures so far.
This is basically the whole secret behind Ninjas posing abilities. At the start I had like 1 to 2 seconds to capture a moment, a dog that would just run off like everyone else 😆
Daily practice, daily training, hand feeding… and lots of praise when he did the slightest thing as desired.
This is why enjoys this so much 😊
Again I am no saint, sometimes I am frustrated and angry when Ninja is not in a mood for pictures and we have a rare light condition or are at a spot where we won’t return to.
But when I am frustrated this shows even more on the pictures so it’s a circle…
The easy solution is to keep Ninja super happy and encourage him, to praise him and reward with attention and interaction.
As You can see at this day Ninja was in perfect picture mood. Maybe because I was so happy about the details my new lens shows and how well it focusses. The lens has a great „bang for the bucks“-ratio but I do not want to advertise it here. You can certainly pm me though 😊
Again I have plenty of messages to catch up to and have a busy week ahead. I drive around again, will have to make another promotion and my aunt that I have not seen for several (-15?) years will visit before Christmas.
So forgive me… Towards the end of the year it will become better.
Thank You to the kind person – that does not want to be named – for the cute toy for Ninja. He is very happy and has been carrying it around to show off before Hadez. Haha! Loook what I have!


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