With wolfdogs it is not easy to find a place that you can trust to properly take…

With wolfdogs it is not easy to find a place that you can trust to properly take care of them.
Their pack is their world and being expelled is one of the worst punishments.
Some will panic, be stressed or become grumpy/destructive as they do not understand ‚its just for a holiday‘. Their pack s everything…
If you factor in that they are timid and may not even like to be touched by others, it does not make it easier.
Nikhita, the pretty wolfdog in the back, is such a dog. It was difficult to find someone to take care of her. Initially the owner wanted to abort the first meeting because there was no faith that it would work out.
Fortunately Nikhita loved Ninja at first sight and since Ninja trusted me, I had a huge advantage.
Nevertheless it was – the first time – quite difficult. She was restless, constantly trying to find a way home during the 3 weeks.
The second time I took care of her was a lot calmer and she enjoyed,being with us.
She is such a sweet soul and I would sure love to meet her again.
Ninja is an opportunist. I am pretty certain he would miss me, but he would also realize that someone is taking care of him and would try to fit in.
The amount of people I’d trust to take care of him is pretty short though.
Do you have a place where your dog can stay, if you need to separate for a few days? I always said, that I would not need anyone, took him out even with an broken arm and wrist. But last year, when I had to stay at the hospital I was so happy for Hilde’s and Frank’s help ❤️


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