With this little scene of Ninja goofing around on the stage of we want to say …

With this little scene of Ninja goofing around on the stage of @tony_petfluenceragency #tonybeachparty we want to say thanks to all former acquaintances again and to make new ones. We finally could put some faces to people we only knew online.
Being recognized by many, I felt a bit sorry that I did not know them all. I must have looked at thousands of your accounts but there are obviously many others I still have to visit.
Even though some people were terrified of Ninja ( it’s true! ) others were really open, curious and loved to interact or have their dogs interact with Ninja or Hadez I know some of You won’t forget this encounter anytime soon, e.g. @derhund_official 😆
Thank You very much to the afore mentioned as well as @joserapetfood @karkaliscommunications for making this event possible. With so many dogs (150+?) in such an areal it was really quiet and peaceful.
Ninja found some new friends and I was really positively surprised how well Hadez (@kaihu_und_hadez ) handled this day. You cannot compare a Wolfdog to a normal dog you need to set different standards. Until the winners of the awards were announced and many people gathered around us he was calm and curious. He then became a bit grumpy… We took him aside and he quickly calmed down again. A Wolfdog, this relaxed on an event with 150 dogs and 300 people? That was amazing.
Thank You for organizing this event, which positively surprised us in every way. Thank You for inviting us and making it possible.
My biggest thanks goes to Frank who joined me on this trip and is currently stranded in a train with cables burn. With his social skills and not least because he is a great friend it is his mental support that let me join this event. Thank You my friend. crossing my fingers for a safe return.
There is probably much more to say right now, but I am exhausted and happy.
Thank You to Ninja and Hadez that both made me proud today. Thank You everyone ❤️
Oh about the video, We took it after the presentation of the awards, but there were still dozens of dogs around. So Ninja was a bit distracted, which is perfectly ok with me. I shamefully made a video because You love it and the attention 🤪



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