Where is Malena?

Malena, is an Elf Woman in Act I. She has been accused of being a Scoia’tael and luring Loredo’s Men into a trap. Exploring the cave where Loredo’s men have been last seen you will find out that she has been rightfully accused. It is up to you to decide to deal with that. I chose to not stir up more hate towards the nonhumans and decided to side with her.


Malena asks for a meeting at the waterfalls south east of flotsam, where we run right into an ambush, be prepared with Nekkers and other Monsters in addition to the Ambush this might become nasty. Malena however manages to slip away and hides outside the abandoned hospital, right at the entrance. Watch out for traps.

Something you should think of is that she is indeed a Socia’thel and she also betrays them by working together with bandits, robbinng/killing innocent people (see Troll Quest, at Lobinden cemetary), so no need to shed a tear in case she happens to pass away 😀

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