What a perfect fit for a Monday… Mr Grumpyface Ninja . Of course this express…

What a perfect fit for a Monday… Mr Grumpyface Ninja 😁😁
Of course this expression did not last a second… but today I want to chime in to all the monday moods. It is not easy to get this face… I have to fire Ninja up, give Ninja’s confidence a boost in order to get him to bark… and midbark or shortly after he has this intense stare I captured here.
I noticed a couple of days ago that the sun cast this amazing pattern on the dog’s face when the sun stands really low.
With closed blinds however there is not a lot of light so you have to balance shutterspeed in order to have no motion blur when the dog moves, aperture and ISO.
You can see in this shot that the sharpness is not very good… I should have used an higher ISO (filmspeed) and a faster shutterspeed.
A higher ISO would have introduced a bit more noise in picture but it would have been acceptable and better than the motion blur from a barking Ninja…
Other pictures were sharper, but I liked the expression here a lot more 😊😊 i hope you do, too.
I’ll post some of the other pictures as a story, so you can compare 😊
A new week has started and I really hope I do get more done this week than I did the last. Anti-Procrastination Week II
This week we received many direct messages with praise for Ninja, the pictures/videos and even the captions.
It feels realky good to hear all that… there is a lot of work behind all this – probably most underestimate the amount by far – so I am glad that people appreciate what we do and even better that we achieve to make you happy or cast a smile on your face 😊😊
Without You, I would probably not be that motivated to attempt to better myself each day and would probably have stopped a while back. But to know that each day some of you wait for our post to appear is an intense motivation. Thank You 😚😚


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  1. Ninja is one of my favorite dogs to follow, along with your excellent explanations on how you achieve your photos and videos. I really love this picture, he looks SO FIERCE, and I know he’s a pussycat at heart. My other two favorites to follow are Kyros and Doveh of Goldylocks in the PNW. You two are awesome and just make me smile!!!

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