Werbung // Advertisement . 98.8% of the time (Yes, I did calculate) I have Ninj…

Werbung // Advertisement .
98.8% of the time (Yes, I did calculate) I have Ninja at my side. Not only are activities without my dog not fun to me but I spend like 50% of the time missing him. .
A few years ago I went on a shopping trip and got invited to dinner afterwards, Thank You Hilde 😚 I think it was the first time I let Ninja alone for longer than 2 hours. In the morning we had met a cute young female in heat and Ninja was riled up all day. He nagged me to go outside but I refused 😁
So I left Ninja alone and as time passed I grew weary, wondered if everything was all right but figured he could do a few hours without me 😁
As the evening passed I suddenly had the urge to go back immediately to check up on him.
When I arrived home I saw the fire brigade, police and emergency vehicles right outside the house with about 10 people trying to storm the apartment 😂
„Excuse me please, what is going on here?“ „We are looking for Michael, he is not answering the door and the dog is howling. Something might have happened to him as the dog never howled before!“ „Ohh that is really nice of you to look after Michael, but I am Michael and I can assure you I am ok.“
Everything was allright, I did not have to pay any bills and it is kind of assuring that the neighbours are looking out for me 🙂 Did anything similar happen to You?
SInce that day I always feel uneasy when I leave the house and was looking for a solution when I saw the Furbo Dog Camera and received this free sample. .
The whole camera arrived well packed and made a good haptical impression. It is not too light and thus difficult to knock over. Basically everything is just plug and play… attach the power, download the Furbo app (Apple/Android) and follow the instructions. I love the 2 way communication, which means I can hear and talk to Ninja. There is also a night vision mode, the possibility to give treats and barking alert.

It is nice to be able to quickly look at home when you are worried, just to see your dog sleeping comfortably.

This Black Friday Furbo will be available for only 139€, 60€ off the list price.



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