We have been to the Black Forest the past days. Usually we drive well paved and …

We have been to the Black Forest the past days. Usually we drive well paved and wide highways… But not this time… We chose to use small and tiny roads through the hills.
The costs to maintain the road were too high, so the County shut arts of it off.
It is very twisty with rocks on one side and the descent to the wild river at the bottom secured by a row of stones that look like ancient tombstones.
How I loved this… It reminded me of those little roads that are only known to locals in my home area… Just even a lot more picturesque. I have planned to stop to make some pictures ’soonish‘. It’s the kind of ‚lost place‘ Ninja would fit right in.
He has been such a good boy, I trained him again, which I have not done for some time… attention, treats and happiness… Ninja loves it as well.
I was asked what we use to prevent ticks… We live in a risk area and Ninja gets like 4-5 ticks a day, without treatment. Using natural remedies, like cocnut oil or fennel flower ( nigella sativa ) oil ( and lots of other alternatives ) we went down to maybe 2 ticks a day or 0.5 if it was cooler.
We tried lots of natural remedies, but as a dog of our dear friends died of Babesiose I chose to use chemical means to repel and kill ticks.
This was amazing, we had Iike 3 ticks in a year. To me it is the lesser of two evils.
By the way, I would never just abandon Ninja. A TV-Show that encouraged many people to get Nordic dogs kind of condoned leaving Your Easter behind. It just shows that they have no idea at all about the character of these dogs. To me that was worse than Ninja Assassins coming-out of nowhere after the most stupid battle tactics of the world failed… Don’t leave your dogs behind, they love You ❤️ and You mean the world to them.


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