We had 2 more calm days that had been pretty warm. So we had to delay our hikes …

We had 2 more calm days that had been pretty warm. So we had to delay our hikes to the late evening… other than that nothing interesting happened. So much for the exciting life we live ^^
It is weird when I lack sleep and nothing of interest happens I cannot think of anything useful to write… or when I do it sounds odd.
I spent the last 2 mornings blocking and writing DMCA takedowns of people infringing my copyright.
If people follow me and use my pictures for personal use e.g. as a wallpaper I do not mind… if it is a public profile and they did not ask it really depends on what the profile is about… do I want Ninja to be displayed? Is attribution properly given? Is the pjcture unaltered? I can’t possibly dm everyone so I end up either leaving it be, or blocking the person… if the profile is offensive I file a DMCA takedown…
Commercial use of my work brings srvices like @copytrack (they seem a bit overworked) or @photoclaim on the table.
Those pages and shops know exactly that they are using my work without consent and that they infringe copyright. They would have to license these pictures to be able to use them.
I mean if you go to a baker and take his bread for free then it is theft, but because my pictures are a digital good people just use them for free? But if that same shop would have legally used my pictures they would have to pay for them… it is not like I am greedy, but I also do need to live from something… there the same damage done. This is why I like copytrack and photoclaim… they find the owners of such a feed and ask for this license fee… and if necessary start a legal proceaa in 140 countries worldwide…
How do You think about this? I mean it is legal to use the inapp features of Instagram and Facebook… share to post, share to story… or to use the share button… but uploading such a picture without consent is not covered. Does a photographer give up all rights just because he provides his work on IG (He does not by the way, copyright stays mine, I allow FB or IG to show my stuff, nit third parties) How would IG look without all those amazing creators?
This was on.my mind for quite some time…


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  1. Love your work, Ninja is so wonderful! ❤… You have right to defend yor work, it’s beautiful an deserves respect. Please!! Keep on showing usthe wonderful facets of Ninja!

  2. gosh im so sorry people have been stealing your photos 🙁 thast really really sad.. i dont know if there will ever be a way to stop it completely, does a watermark help at all? Also love this photo of ninja, he seems to have quite narrow shoulders in this photo, I suppose the breed isn’t very wide here are they? xxx

  3. @liezaart That is false, even mentioned it in the text. They get permission to show the picture, because otherwise they would not be allowed to do so. All rights remain with the creator.

  4. @khaleesi_thedobe A watermark does not stop it… in fact you may get less money for a commercial case because your name is still on the picture… they are also disturbing.

  5. @khaleesi_thedobe Ninja is from a famous working bloodline… they are bred to cover large distances and not for the looks. Hence his bodytype.

  6. We’ve been having some hot days as well, some days are super smokey because of the forest fires so we’ve tried to get out as much as possible!

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