Wasteland 2, Save Game and Characters

Wasteland 2 is a cool fun game that cam out a couple of days ago. I love old school RPG (Role Playing Games) and reading through well written dialogs. But I am not so much a fan of tedious fighting. Hence I took a look at the save games during beta and the custom characters. here is what I came up with.

Wasteland 2 Save Game and Custom Characters

I created a Zip File with my custom made Characters Myrddin, Slant, Daisan and Wolff. They have all skills maxed and are equipped with Tier 6 Weapons and Armor and plenty of Ammo. As I come across new stuff I’ll update the file.
There is also a save game „New Game“ right after the starting chat at Ranger Citadel.

Wasteland 2, New Game

where can I get the file?

–> Download <—

Extract all files into your Wasteland 2 savegame directory in your „my games“ folder

Please link to this page and give proper credits, thanks!

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  1. I love Wasteland 2 but on a second playthrough the fights get kind of tedious and I prefer a faster solutions like this. Thanks for timesaving with these great files.

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