Today we have a mechanic here to fix the dishwasher, so I find it difficult to f…

Today we have a mechanic here to fix the dishwasher, so I find it difficult to focus on a good text.
I’ll just address some of Your questions.

Q: Why is Ninja fed so far away from the others.
A: This is a false perception. We like to have a couple of meters between all dogs, so theY can eat in peace and not feel pressured b the others.
Hadez for example gives up his food when Kaihu demands it… This is why Kaihu gets fed in the living room and Hadez in the kitchen. We can always stop Kaihu from prematurely demanding Hadez‘ food.
Hadez, Roja are fed in the kitchen, a few meters apart as well.
Ninja is usually fed just outside for practical reasons, it is the shortest way from the kitchen and he is not further away from Roja than Roja is from Hadez and Kaihu would be from Hadez ( we would stumble all over him so he is 2m further )
So technically they are equally far away from each other.
Sometimes, in the morning neither Hadez or Ninja ear a lot. Then I can offer Hadez to get into the garden over guarding his food ( from Ninja or Roja ), which is an option he will always take and I can just close the door to have Ninja isolated in the hallway which sometimes makes him eat in the morning.
If I did not let Hadez out first Ninja and Roja might walk by Hadez which would make him feel uneasy and I just like to avoid that.
Q: Don’t feel pressured to post/show a picture of You
A: if You know me, I would never do something on purpose which I do not want to. Sometimes it is ok to test Your boundaries, but I am old enough to know what feels good and where to stop. I most likely had my reasons to post it the way I did 😉
This picture has been taken at the #glacier3000 and I just love Ninja staring down I to the valley. Really loved being there. By the way… It has been 3 weeks since my mail and the glacier people still did not reply 😆 what a bummer.
I will post the picture in the story as well so You can see more details 😊
Thank You for Your support, comments and likes they help me out a lot 😊


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