To meet Ninja for a play date… sounds cool… doesn’t it? But when and how doe…

To meet Ninja for a play date… sounds cool… doesn’t it?
But when and how does Ninja play? As a rule of thumb, he doesn’t play…
Of course there are some exceptions to this rule… Ninja does not play with males, and tries to avoid puppies… see the 3 Videos with Leotie, the fox further down the feed.
He usually just tries to ignore what they do… and corrects them in a very patient and subtle way… it feels like playing dead keeps them away 😁😁
If they continue to pester him he often gives in and plays for some time… but we are talking of hours trying to sit things out.
He ignores females, if they are fixed… one sniff and he goes on 😁 which is a shame because many females have a crush on him… Smilla for example, the dingo, always charges him, gave him neckbites in his mane, jumped around him to impress Ninja with her agility. Or Fine, a Border Collie female from our packwalks… but you really had to fire up Ninja so he would play for 2 minutes… he loved to play rough with Fine, but she loved that and Ninja was the only one who was allowed to be a bit rough to her.
But the only dogs Ninja really plays with are females in prime heat… he he knows no boundaries… its like he drunk in emotions or high… he can play and try to impress the girls for hours… e.g. here with Kalisha at St. Peter Ording


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  1. Poor Ninja has no secrets regarding his love life, let’s hope those females don’t read here and discover his secrets. He is obviously a discerning husky, very particular when and where and who he cavorts with!! I just know he really likes Leotie, she is one hot fox!!!

  2. A pleasure to read the stories behind your pics. This is so interesting and the pic is very fun 🙂 nice moment you were able to capture. When I read you, I feel your love and care for Ninja and his behavior ❤️

  3. @chihuahualovin actually it would… we have chihuahua friends 🙂 They are part of our packwalk and we meet them twice a day for 5 years 😀

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