To me life seems so dull without Ninja… maybe it is because the only thing wor…

To me life seems so dull without Ninja… maybe it is because the only thing worse being in hospital is being at the hospital at weekends…. fewer staff… empty rooms… it seems abandoned and as if you are the person left behind… left to starve… the food is soooo incredible horrible. You cannot choose, and at supper we got bloodsausage with bits of tongue… I mean, food is important and I think a hospital should have lots of fruits and vegetables… general quality food… but this is really the worst I have eaten in the past 15 years.
Hopefully the examination on Monday will go well so I can leave this place on Tuesday.
Maybe I am just moody, because I miss Ninja so much. He is doing well at @kaihu_und_hadez with the pack (send him some 💞) and I can hopefully cuddle him soon… I’ll even endure the facelicks, till he wants no more 😁😁
I took this picture in the forest… there were a lit of shadows and a bright spot… so I used a high f stop and even underexposed Ninja a bit. This turned the background black 😊😊 .
Wish You all a happy week-end… I can’t reply well at the hospital, can’t use the phone everywhere, but I do read your messages…


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  2. You scared the hell out of me. For a moment i thought Ninja was dead. I just noticed you’re at the hospital. Hope you’ll feel good as soon as possible, just focus on Ninja waiting for your return 🙂

  3. @clydetheadventuredog such a desolate place… during the week there were at least some people here… now its empty…

  4. @ninja.vom.wolfstor Yes, certainly can be eerie and desolate, yet filled with tension. We aren’t meant to be contained in sterile environments, making few choices for ourselves. It’s foreign to most of us (thank goodness!). I hope you will be back on your feet and in the company of your beautiful beast soon. Hug from Oregon.

  5. Mein beileid ich hoffe ihr habt oder kommt bald wieder zusammen. Nach diesen Aufenthalt brauchst du Mal vernünftigtiges essen. Aber du hast Recht das Essen dort ist einfach nicht für Leute geeignet die krank sind und Vitamine brauchen

  6. This is such a beautiful portrait! I know how you feel about the hospital. My husband and I took turns staying with our daughter in the hospital for 7 months while she fought a brain tumor. I got so mad at the food offered to someone fighting cancer. You would think more thought would go into it. Anyway hope you are feeling better and can get home soon.

  7. @freyaeverafter_ Thank You, I am indeed feeling better… and fortunately I am not allowed to eat food the next 2 days so I ordered something to eat from outside today… the food was just exceptionally bad the last 2 days

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