Throwbackthursday! . I have so many favorite pictures, so I always feel awkward …

I have so many favorite pictures, so I always feel awkward to point out that a picture is my favorite.
But if I had to choose 20 pictures this would probably be among them… I always try to sort them, depending on their purpose.
I’d probably find a good reason to put this one in.
I think he does look quite wolfy – yes, for a husky. I never claimed he would look like a mid- or higher content wolfdog.
His legs are close together, the eyes are squinted, his muzzle looks long and more V-shaped than usual. He looks intense and I love the grass in front of him which seems to give the picture a bit more authenticity, comparable to a „random encounter in the woods“-look, which I really love.
Maybe it is because I want somehow to have such an encounter…
A wolf, at the other side of the glade, a quick curious glance, eyes locking onto each other, then the wolf vanishes into the bushes…
With a good 200 wolves in Germany, mostly on the other side, it is very unlikely to happen though…


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  2. I agree, I also really really like this shot with the grass in front of him, as if he’s entering a battlefield or something. He has such a commanding presence. And I think that, even with him not looking the part (high/mid content wolfdog) his unique beauty is unmatched. Even if he were black and white I feel this shot would be just as ominous and powerful!!!! I’d also personally like to see more of your favorite photos! It’s not awkward at all I promise ❤️

  3. @sirorionpax.gsd All of Ninjas traits exist in Huskies, tall, narrow chest, wolf grey coat, bright eyes, sprint type body… but to have them all in the same dog is what makes Ninja indeed quite rare.

  4. @northfuzz In Poland are about 2000 wolves, from what I read a few days ago. From there they slowly wander towards Germany and build some packs in the Lausitz. They reached the Center of Germany but are still very rare in the Western part. I think in march one has even been seen in the Netherlands

  5. @ninja.vom.wolfstor wow! Making such a comeback! I’m sure they’re wider spread than realized. I know in the US it’s always a huge surprise to people how many coyotes and coywolves actually live in the middle of cities. Including Washington DC and NY City!

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