This is one of my favorite videos. . I still remember a time where Ninja and Had…

This is one of my favorite videos.
I still remember a time where Ninja and Hadez did not get along well. It was not one pack, it was Kaihu, Hadez, Roja and Ninja as an outsider. Hadez and Ninja tolerated each other ( 2 intact males ) but a situation could quickly escalate. My behaviour did not help. I tried being louder and more present, but it just added more friction. This stressed me out, which mirrored even more on the dogs.
Respecting Hadez, not trying to confront him or to push him into doing what I ask of him, made us become friends. I can easily redirect him into something useful instead of trying to stop an unwanted behaviour.
When I see them now, as one pack, caring for each other it does make me happy and shows me how far we have come. This is why this video is so special to me.
I ask if the dogs want to go outside. When Ninja is happy he throws his legs forward in joy.
There happened to be a little chair in front of him where he landed throwing his legs forward.
Ninja is not sure what happened and continues the happy behaviour with his legs. Puts his leg on top of Hadez’s head.
Hadez and Kaihu wonder what is going on, while Ninja continues.
I think, Hadez wonders if Ninja has eaten something and licks his muzzle. This turns into affectionate licks. It makes me happy 😊



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