This is another favorite facial expression, it is just kind, gentle and a bit sh…

This is another favorite facial expression, it is just kind, gentle and a bit shy.
When we have been at a spot for a long time and Ninja wants to move on he makes a careful attempt at approaching me.
„I know you are happy with the pictures and I think we do have enough now⁉ May I come to you?“
You know, when I shoot manual lenses, you have to enlarge the picture to manually set your focus, with a shallow depth of field it is important that Ninjas face stays at the same distance to me. Otherwise the shot would be out of focus.
Ninja loves to goof around while shooting, which makes this rather difficult. But this is the first facial expression to look out for when he gets – and it really takes a while – bored.
On a snowy day though… I explained you that we have only 4-5 days a year, I need to get the maximum different type of shots that I can. We are usually on our way for 5-8 hours and make way over 2 000 pictures. Not because we need to many, it is more a lack of practice in the snow… I do not know what works well… so I make a lot of pictures and edit those throughout the year. I usually combine older techniques with newer ones…
Here e.g. I used a foggy preset with my old winter preset and add what I learnt about focus and leading the eye to Ninjas face over the year meets my old high contrast snow style…
The effect is that Ninja really pops out and everything else is a bit softer. The eye automatically focuses on Ninjas face because it is the sharpest part of the picture, it is a tiny bit warmer, brighter and the contrast to the background is strong.
The only thing that distracts from the eye is the splatter of color from his tongue… but it is part of the expression and I do not mask or edit individual parts of the pictures aside my 2 radial filters.
It is a nice base preset now for overcast days that is pretty natural to the original colors.
I like vibrant original colors, because I want everyone to recognize and feel familiar with the scene, which gives you a chance to imagine how it would be here with us.
At least I can’t feel that if the world looks so different from what I experience it at…
So, this was the long answer to some DM’s.


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