The perfect example of Husky disobedience . Remember. One task for a Husky is t…

The perfect example of Husky disobedience 😀
Remember. One task for a Husky is to disobey the musher if his command makes no sense or is dangerous.
Here Ninja did just that. I wanted him to stand aside to the little tree stump because I felt this would look too posed.
But in the first years I made dozens of pictures like these and Ninja concluded that it would be what was expected of him now.
He was so certain to do everything right that he did not listen to my commands. It took maybe 15 commands to make him realize that i wanted him to stand aside 😀😀
I’ll post the face he made as story. It is priceless.
Does this mean that a Husky is stubborn and disobedient? Not for Ninja. He was convinced to do everything as commanded. He was following my orders and did as he interpreted them. It did not even occur to him that he was doing something wrong. Do you understand the difference?
Do you remember similar situations with your dog?
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16 Antworten auf „The perfect example of Husky disobedience . Remember. One task for a Husky is t…“

  1. He is stunning. I had a husky x great pyrenees mix and both breed types instinctively won’t obey if they know it’s wrong. Actually all 30+ breeds of LGD were bred to trust their own sense and knowledge and to work independently of people. Ever since having that guy (he lived to be 16) I never want another companion that blindly obeys. They’re partners who will save you from your own dumb moves. Once you learn to trust them and listen to them too it becomes such a beautiful thing

  2. @mhelms.artworks yeah, you need to know about these things and also trust your fur friend… sometimes it is difficult to stop to control them… but Ninja e.g. will always find a path… so you can trust in that…

  3. Huskies are such powerful and intelligent creatures. I can tell by the way mine looks at me when i give a command whether she understands it but doesn’t want to do it for whatever ever reason, and when she doesn’t understand. She, as I’m sure you can relate with yours, is an extension of myself. And we are a team. Your ninja is a very beautiful dog. I love your photos you post ❤️

  4. @_biancavita It does indeed work as a team. Sometimes, especially with Smilla around, I am not free to do as I wish, because of her special needs. I am eadily distracted and a bit stressed this mirrors in Ninjas behavior, who also needs to cut back his needs when she is around. I am sorry for him and these things add up.

  5. @zerochucksgiven Best of luck, they are not an easy breed if you are used to other dogs… I got to love them for what they are and would not want it any different.

  6. Yes! Sometimes when I’m herding my sheep I will tell my dog’s to go right, but then they go left… It’s so frustrating! No, my dogs are very obedient.

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