The past days I looked at each and every picture of Ninja I have ever taken… I…

The past days I looked at each and every picture of Ninja I have ever taken… I kept around 80 000 of those. There were so many pictures that I have totally forgotten about, pictures I found too difficult to process and look amazing now, with what I picked up over the past 10 years.
And looked at new cuts of pictures I really liked am that totally focussed my attention.
Fortunately I found a few broken ones that I could easily fix, since I have backups of backups of backups 😆
I am aiming at getting more organized and am looking at a professional storage solution now. Wanted to get a more suitable solution to easily access my photos and files even when I am on the road.
Also my yeast dough project has come a long way. I made natural yeast from yeast that is already inside wheat itself and made some super delicious „Brötchen“//Rolle and Pizza dough. I think the one I made the past day with a seven day matured yeast dough was super amazing. Think it 2as the first pizza I would rate with 💯
I really love trying this stuff out. We got a lot of different flours to get my rolls from 87% and then I will work on bread 😆
Why I am doing this is because I saw a documentary on old craftsmanship. An old-school Baker made bread in his wooden stove and explained why it is important to have a slow maturing of the dough. The natural enzymes in the wheat make a bread that is well digestible and naturally destroy Alpha ATI. The industrial stuff that you get in many bakeries and supermarkets has artificial enzymes and no time to mature.
I saw a bakery that takes old kind grain and let’s the dough properly mature.
I really value this kind of approach that is actually meant to keep a high quality over a high profit and that is how it started.
I wanted to see if it really does make a difference and I was at first a bit disgusted by the smells of my fresh wheat sour dough. After like 10 days I thought ‚You can only throw it away or taste it“
I tried it and was like ‚OMG‘ and instantly had to bake something.
It was indeed extremely delicious and I am amazed what a huge difference it makes.


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  2. As You can read, I got carried away by talking about my dough experiments and then out of room in the info box.
    Ninja and the dogs started to „switch down. Now as it is getting warmer the dogs, especially when they still have their full winter coat, mostly relax and are not up to anything.
    It started to rain and will probably continue over the week end… which gives me plenty of time to take care of my doughs 😀
    Seriously how could I not do that in the past?!?!?
    Wish You all a great day 🙂

  3. Here in Turkey sometimes we make yeast from chickpeas and make our bread with that yeast. We also put chickpeas while making pickles.

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