The „Ninja goofing around“-video went viral and I nearly gained 10k Followers in…

The „Ninja goofing around“-video went viral and I nearly gained 10k Followers in 3 days. Wow… this is so overwhelming.
I try to post daily, but such success is very overwhelming to me as I pressure myself to „deliver“ more compelling content, knowing that it will be very difficult to top.
It takes a while to realize that I just go on delivering the best content I have 😊
Many questions came up and I’ll answer them here and in the coming posts.
Please check out the Story-Highlight called FAQ for more detailed answers.
My name is Michael and Ninja is my only dog, a pure bred Siberian Husky. Ninja is my second own dog, as I had another Husky called Aki before him…
I used to be a helicopter pilot, switched to become an IT Consultant and aim to make a living from photography.
I am single, live in a small village in Southwestern Germany close to Frankfurt/Mayence #mainz.
5 years ago I adopted Ninja, whose owner passed away. As I was not certain how a grown up dog would bond to me, I put a lot of effort and rewarded Ninja each time he paid attention to me.
For 2 years I handfed (and sometimes still do) Ninja for tricks. It took a bit, but after a few months this started to become fun for both of us. The effects of positive reinforcement, bonding is what You see in the videos.
We go hike 3-5 hours a day. Oftentimes in a packwalk and other times alone.
We do not cover much distance, prefer to walk to a nice spot to take pictures and observe the area.
Ninja can stay (nondestructive) alone, but prefers – even if it is boring – to be at my side…
We used a lot of training to have a reliable recall, even while Ninja is dashing after game.
I rather leash Ninja in critical areas than having to rely on recall in order to not disturb wildlife.
Ninja is friendly and open. He not aggressive, even if other dogs bite him. Ninja will always try to de-escalate a situation.
Ninja has a long and quick tongue and loves to give kisses, even to people he just got to know… Should You ever meet us (-> DM), keep this in mind and your lips closed. 🐺👅😁😊
Leave Your questions below 😊


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15 Antworten auf „The „Ninja goofing around“-video went viral and I nearly gained 10k Followers in…“

  1. You deserve the success! Keep it up, but don’t feel the pressure to upload many pictures. Greetings to you both, Michael and Nini!

  2. @ninja.vom.wolfstor The 5 years of hard work has paid off! I wish that I could take pictures of Odin like you do of Ninja, I need better equipment

  3. @hiking_woppaa Very often actually. Last year was nice with Smilla and then Leotie in our lives, but they live far away now.

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