The last days of the year are always somewhat busy… Usually I spend about 4-5 …

The last days of the year are always somewhat busy…
Usually I spend about 4-5 hours a day on Instagram alone… 5-8 hours on hikes, taking pictures, editing pictures and some more of giving Ninja the attention and affection he needs.
It is not ‚work‘ and enjoy what I am doing and try to be kind and nice… So far the unpleasant experiences have been an absolute minimum and I am happy about that.
It also makes me happy when I get feedback on photography, Ninja or even the stuff I mention about how I trained Ninja.
I would sometimes really love to showcase these messages of appreciation & comments.
Fact is that despite the constant image theft (which really annoys me) these messages and the engagement here are the things that fuel this account and give me the energy to keep going.
So I wanted to thank all of You for Your wonderful support this year and I hope You are here to stay and look forward to take part in our life next Year as well.


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14 Antworten auf „The last days of the year are always somewhat busy… Usually I spend about 4-5 …“

  1. We are all going NOWHERE!!! You have a fabulous site, an incredible husky who you have trained to be almost human!!! The two of you are perfect and all the individuals who follow you are ardent supporters of you and Ninja. Keep up the good work, we enjoy your efforts, have a wonderful New Year and super-successful 2019!!!

  2. @ninja.vom.wolfstor ahhh I understand! They’re excellent pictures! Dunno if ninja is just the most majestic, photogenic dog in the world, or you’re just that good at photograph! Either way, I love what you do!

  3. Gorgeous and sweet Ninja, incredible photography and beautiful writing — that’s what I look forward to and always see when I view your posts. Excellent job!

  4. Happy New Year to you and Ninja! I watched a movie last night called “Alpha” the wolf in the movie looked just like Ninja! I thought it just might be, he looks like a movie star!

  5. How frustrating that they steal your beautiful images, your photography always inspires me and I hope you are having a wonderful new year already <3

  6. DANKE DIR! für die wunderbaren fotos und geschichten die du uns immer wieder gibts! Bin so froh dich in 2018 endeckt zu haben und ich wünsch euch allen ein wunderbares 2019. Danke ❤️

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