Thank You. I do appreciate all Your birthday wishes so much . The day was a pret…

Thank You. I do appreciate all Your birthday wishes so much❤️
The day was a pretty normal day for Ninja and for us. We did not do anything special.
I wanted to bring him a duck to eat from shopping but I simply forgot.
So for now we rewarded him and the rest of the pack with a huge chunk of rumen. They all loved it 😊 Really love the quality of the stuff we got.
The picture here has been taken on a hike with a few others… There were 2 other intact male wolfdogs, Hadez and Ninja. It is so nice that they all get along.
Especially Ninja and Hadez. I am quite certain Ninja does not know that Hadez is his son , neither does Hadez know that Ninja is his father. They still get along so good.
At some point I feared that this relationship was broken but they found really nice together again.
Tomorrow I will.fetch Ninja’s birthday Duck I am certain he will love it 😊
Generally I like to not make too much fuzz about the birthday as I believe that they are confused by all the changes in our behaviour and the happenings around them when it is everything back to normal on the next day.
Wish You all a happy Sunday ❤️


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