Sorry to bring the bad news, but I am quite indifferent to Halloween. This does …

Sorry to bring the bad news, but I am quite indifferent to Halloween.
This does not mean I condemn others that celebrate it, it is just that I have no connection to it. I tried for 2 days to come up with something nice, but in the end I discarded all these pictures because I made them for the event and not because I was enthusiastic about it and I could see that I was not behind those pictures in every single pixel. That felt wrong.
Not that I am feeling particularly well at the moment anyhow, no worries it is just a few days feeling sick and having a huge headache.
But I enjoyed indulging in reminiscences while looking at older pictures.
I stumbled across the pictures and videos with Leotie, the fox. She had been with us 2 years ago and while my lack of experience and non-foxproof apartment made this quite an exhausting time, it was at the same time a time with lots of fjoy. An emotional rollercoaster so to say. Leotie was dead scared of Ninja and it took long for her to find the self confidence to interact with Ninja.
It took with a good 200 tries a day 4 weeks till she overcame her fear. But she made it eventually and that was precious to witness.
I sometimes wonder how she is doing now, as I do not have contact to her owner. Wishing her the best from here.
I think I may want to rework one of the videos with her to explain a bit better what is happening than just having it run without comment, would you like that?
What do You think is going on here? I just see a little fox testing out borders and Ninja ist looking a bit grumpy to show her that she crossed one😆


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