Some people will most likely not understand the video here. When I say that I gr…

Some people will most likely not understand the video here. When I say that I gradually increase the difficulty for Ninja in our training, this is most likely the King’s discipline of walking heel. All I can ask is to read before being too judgemental about the video.
I used to have a flight instructor that asked the most difficult tasks of us.
The exercise of emergency situations was part of the training. Also navigation and the likes ( oh I still love maps and love to explore areas from above )
He started with easy tasks at the begining of the flight training and gradually increased the difficulty over the months.
Many of my fellow officers had easy trainers and were terrified when they had to fly with mine. They just froze when he said „engine failure“ above a large forest, at low altitude or when the were busy training something else.
The instructor said that a real emergency could happen at all times and thus it was always important to be aware of your surroundings.
He did ask a lot of us, but it sure improved my flight skills, especially emergency procedures and general awareness.
In this video, the other dog totally adores Ninja and it is usually the first spot on a morning walk where we let both run free. She loves to pull Ninja by his mane, to tease and play with him. There is no aggression, she was not biting him, it is just her way trying to get Ninja’s attention and to stop ignoring her.
Insisting to continue walking heel, I made it really, really difficult on different levels.
He is used to be unleashed at this spot and to dash a few circles around us. He also wanted to play and shake off the other dog. Last but not least he had to follow my commands.
Ninja manages to handle it all, he is even focused on me and gentle to the dog. At times people are puzzled that I ask so much of my dog, or that he has to figure out a solution by himself. occasions like this are rare.
I do it, so Ninja will learn to resist his impulses and to adapt. If I never train under difficult circumstances, how am I supposed to expect Ninja to follow instructions when it matters?
If Ninja can walk heel with this distraction, he can do it everywhere.
I am so proud ❤️



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  2. Oh I know this is Training and its very important to him ❤️❤️❤️❤️ but i felt sorry that he wants to play but he still listening to your commands, he developing fast ❤️❤️❤️ good luck guys @ninja.vom.wolfstor

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