Since a few weeks I had the joy of testing the second generation of the dog lea…

Since a few weeks I had the joy of testing the second generation of the #goleygo dog leash on Ninja.
I must confess that I have a hard time warming up with new stuff. But this locking mechanism was actually quite convenient and I noticed how I chose the leash over the one have been using before.
The GoleyGo mechanism consists of an adapter and a magnet inside the lock mechanism. If the adapter comes close to the lock mechanism the powerful magnet will pull the adapter to the inside and then lock the adapter via a barrier.
The mechanism is actually well designed as it is super easy to use. Even with all of Ninja’s fluff, you can use it with one hand, without the need to fiddle around. It does even work well wearing thick gloves.
The release mechanism works one handed as well. You just have to pull the ribbed part to the back and it will release the barrier inside the lock mechanism and can pull the leash away. This does also work when your dog pulls like mad 😊
I have posted a video as a story and tagged it to the story highlight, so you can check it out in action.
I will certainly keep using it 😊
The new Kerbl Leashes with the GoleyGo mechanism can be obtained in You fa prize pet store 😊
Or you can use my personalized link in my profile description and the story highlights 😊


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