Siberian Husky Obedience . – sponsored by – mit Unterstützung von . You pro…

Siberian Husky Obedience
– sponsored by @mein.dehner #ad
– mit Unterstützung von @mein.dehner #werbung
You probably know Ninjas goofy side all too well. I like to show him unruly and playful. I think it is a good way to show our relationship and it will deepen our relationship when I do not treat him as a machine and let him have fun in this way.
Ninja was already 2 years old when I adopted him 5 years ago and I feared that he would not bond with me, that he would miss his previous life after the adoption.
To do stuff and completing tasks as a team, plays -in my opinion- a big role in bonding. At first, I rewarded Ninja whenever he paid attention to me and hid goodies on our hikes for him to find.
He quickly realized that it was worth paying attention to me, we started basic training. I am a big fan of „hand-feeding“ and it seemed a good way to work side by side on basic commands 5-10 minutes a day, each day, persistently.
At the beginning, it was a chore but over time, the daily training became a ritual fun. Ninja loves showing off and to learn new tricks.
So, what is the point? When I talk to Ninja in a soft voice, he knows it’s time to be playful.
Aside the playful fun we also do proper training, with a stricter voice… so that he can differentiate when it is time to goof around and when I seriously expect obedience.
At first, I rewarded each trick with a high quality treat. After a time, I only rewarded each second or third treat with a reward (with 2x or 3x amount of treats). Eventually Ninja did 10 or 15 tricks without expecting a reward each time; because he knows, he will receive a reward.
When you reward often, you need high quality treats that the dog can swallow fast, like the @mein.dehner Wild Nature Hirschwürfel (deer in small dices), which can easily be tossed towards the dog.
For longer series of commands I prefer to give a reward Ninja can chew at with pleasure, like the @mein.dehner Wild Nature Lammohren (lamb ears)
The @mein.dehner Wild Nature series of products are 100% natural treats, free of artificial additives and that is why we have been using them for years, long before we got these products sponsored.


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  2. @hiebschandreas Er macht das toll! Ist aber auch viel Übung… darf ja nicht vergessen, er ist ein Husky und kein Arbeitslinien-Malinois 😀

  3. @livingwiththemba Ninja has always been very submissive… even in the shots he had been advertised with for adoption 5 years ago he had his ears laid back…

  4. @ninja.vom.wolfstor just saying, everything taken together he looks stressed to me, not only in this video but in a couple of videos and photos lately. Just because he’s executing the commands doesn’t automatically mean that he’s comfortable with the situation.. just my observation. Wish you two a good time together..

  5. @livingwiththemba You should also not forget that this is not the „lets do something fun“-moment… it is about obedience… I use the tone of my voice to praise and to chide… my voice here was strict and and results in a more submissive posture.

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