Season 4 Arena Sets revealed.

Blizzard turned on the Arena Season 4 vendors on the Test Realms. World of Raids has a list of all Sets here.

The Enhancement Shaman Set is just like T6 a failure in itemization stats. We have again useless 20 mp/5 on our set, the same mistake Blizzard did on T6. I have been starting to wonder if the devs, after all our "adjustments", still know what is good for our class and what is not.

But with a 2200 rating requirement for the shoulders it is out of reach of most Enhancement Shamans anyhow.

Anyway here it is:

Enhancement Season 4 Arena Set

New honor gear

  • bracer: 1575 personal rating requirement
  • boots: 1700 personal rating requirement
  • ring: 1650 personal rating requirement

It used to be a nice way to get some decent bracer, boot, belt, ring and neck for my alts by honor. I kind of dislike to be forced to do the totally imbalanced Arena jsut to get rewards for my hard earned honor, so why bother at all with BG's?

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