Nice summer walk

Siberian Husky Ninja @Lenneberg forest. Love his wolfy looks.It is so nice to see how Ninja and me became a team over the past couple of months. Having lived more than 2 years with his pack of 15+ Huskies he wasn’t really used to pay attention to humans.

Becoming a Team

At first I started getting his attention with dried chicken hearts with salmon oil. A delicious treat that no dog can resist. Did this for roughly 2 weeks, throwing them into the sides of paths were we moved along and then tried to get his interest. He quickly learned that it does benefit him to look what is happening around me. Since it is so much hassle to dry the chicken hearts I switched to premium dog food from Platinum, 70% meat and smells very delicious.

We quickly became friends and I was able to call him off even when had started to run off to hunt. With one exception, horses … We kept training and training, running past horses until he kept sticking to the path and a few weeks ago he was only 1 meter away from a horse without trying to bark at it. These little steps are making me so happy. The training is not only exciting for me, but also for him and improves the bonding in such a fun way.

Morning walk with Ninja!

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