Pictures like these always make me yearn to get another dog… . I am sure Ninja…

Pictures like these always make me yearn to get another dog…
I am sure Ninja would love to have a companion… I saw how he liked being around @kaihu_und_hadez and Roja… the pack mentality totally suits him…
But then comes and endless amount of choices… what kind of dog, breeder or rescue… and the most important part, where to get it.
I think my heart would be at a mid content wolfdog… to me it is the perfect balance of wolfy looks and still being able to manage it… the market here in Germany is a bit weird… some breeders mislabel their wolfdogs, give them a different content than they actually have… there are some high content breeders, there are some low content breeders but good medium content ones I really do not know…
It was really nice having Smilla around, she taught me many valuable lessons… and each day I come across her pictures or those of other wolfdogs such as Nikhita above, which comes from a french breeder.
I know the yearning to have another dog here will pass… but right now I really miss a second dog.
Would love a dog like Ninja… who was in a bad situation and needed rehoming… but the puppy stage is equally nice to experience…
Don’t worry… I won’t just go and get an animal… I’d put a lot of thoughts into it first.
Oh I caught up with my messages, yesterday… I am so proud… Instagramnshows no more unread messages…


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25 Antworten auf „Pictures like these always make me yearn to get another dog… . I am sure Ninja…“

  1. i think it would be nice for Ninja tot have a companion! My dogs always light up in the Company of each other.. I would try to go to to some shelters first.. you have good training experience and lots of love for your dog so I’m sure you would find a perfect rescue. And indeed no rush, if you can’t find your match in shelters just wait, there’s always so many new ones coming in including puppies. Just think you’d be perfect to offer some lovely dog a second chance 🙂 either way good luck with it whatever you do! I’m sure you’ll provide a lovely home and Ninja will definitely enjoy these Company 🙂

  2. Ofc if you’re set on a wolfdog it might be tougher to find a rescue but I wouldn’t be suprised if there are dedicated pages or websites for them 🙂

  3. Having two dogs together is wonderful and completely outweighs the cons – just requires a car and a really good and loving solution for when and if you are away.

  4. @_izzy_pictures Das sind sie… Ich habe so viele Bilder von den beiden… ebn auch eines bei dem sie Ninja liebevoll in die Mähne knabbt… das war der eigentliche Auslöser für das wehmütige „Ich will noch einen Hund!“ heute

  5. @yukithewhiteshiba I think Ninja, on one hand, enjoys having my total undivided attention, but on the other side, I think a companion would be good for him. It is much more difficult with a wolf-dog… especially in Germany…

  6. @viktoriahaack Thank You Viktoria… btw if anyone has not seen Viktoria’s feed I suggest you take a look at it right now!

  7. @ninja.vom.wolfstor hmm yes I understand 🙂 my advice would be just take some time to think it over and explore your options 🙂

  8. I understand the desire for another dog. I get that feeling a lot and just tell myself to let it pass until the time is right

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