Not much to say these days.

Well these days are somewhat uninteresting newswise. Everyone is trying to PvP his gear up and there are as many as 300+ simultaneous Battlegrounds open. Of course the server stability and lag issues become once more a reason for many to complain. While the protest is understandeable some spamming on the forums make them not fun to read at the moment.

THe Community Managers seem to get quite arrogant these days and I despise some ways of closing threads. It is one thing to close posts with bad language and offense versus blizzard. But other well argumented posts are just being ingored because they have the word blizzard or blue in them. Of course that is one way not to have to anwer uncomfortable questions by customers, but I doubt if it is the right one.

Also I do not think that snowballs are worth an extra news, or the clarification about double honor reduction.

"After internal testing by our QA department, we have found that the honor gained from honorable kills and bonus honor are receiving 30% reductions correctly as intended. The investigations lead us to believe there is no issue with calculations at this point in time, nor that players are getting a double reduction in their honor calculations. Players may have felt differently due to the fact that honor as seen during the day of accumulation is estimated honor and the actual honor amount is displayed the next day. Estimated honor doesn’t account for diminishing returns, which may have also added to the confusion." – Netharea

Not having internet for the past 6 weeks now and thus not being able to play makes me wonder if I really miss the game. I am currently farming legendaries in Titan Quest, offline … but well its still a lot of fun.

A lot of people I know stopped playing these days and I wonder what will become of Burning Crusade. The Nerf of glancing blows really took the wind out of my sails, because I had dedicated most of my online time on raising my little human Rogue, which is now quite pointless. The New Arena System will mean everybody will sooner or later have the epic Arena Rewards just like now. Buy a spot in a good team, attend 30% of the matches for full recognition and full points and voila there is Your gear.

Where does it leave us PvP wise, if there are now upgraded level 70 rewards for BG's that we can farm, when most players have their Arena Gear after 4 months (minimum is reported to be around 6 weeks) with a system that punishes you if you fight more than 10 matches a weak in your arena team. What after that? World PvP? or just being bored?

Same with instances, Some Tier IV parts are reported to drop in new 25 man instances and thus you need to be raiding again, not just grouping in teams of 10's as I hoped it was.

I was really hoping some of my old friends might return to RC and we would be able to make some kind of relaxed group pvp wise, doing some instances now and then – but currently it does not look like it. What are Your plans for TBC?

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