Ninja loves it up here… the lovely mountain cabin of and . . It is at the e…

Ninja loves it up here… the lovely mountain cabin of @kaihu_und_hadez and @indira_lupo_ely
It is at the end of the valley. The wanderers have left, not even farming animals are up here anymore.
We had been hiking the afternoon and met not a single person. Simply the hut at the other side of the valley seems occupied as we can see their large campfire.
I let Ninja run here off-leash, even on the main hiking trails, in the middle of the forest, on the meadows and in the riverbed.
It is Night as I write this and even in the night with fresh deer poop and reflecting eyes that observe us out from the forest Ninja won’t leave my side.
I have been out looking for the Milky Way… While it must be a dark and clear night in Mainz to get a rough idea where the Milky Way is located, it is brightly visible here… I can’t put it to words how beautiful our night sky is, without light pollution.
Germany is so densely populated. Behind every hill is at least a settlement and most of the time the next town will cast their lights into the sky.
To me the difference is breathtaking… I stood a while in awe, listening to the noises… the waterfall, the water of the creek in the valley below, sound of hooves softened by moss, where I had seen the eyes moments before. As my eyes adapt to the dark I recognize Cassiopeia and Pegasus. Wow, inbetween Andomeda visible with the naked eye. Beautiful ✨
I must have stood there 5-10 minutes… before my thoughts returned to earth… a wet nose at my hand, checking what I was up to.
We spent the evening at the table drinking tea and warming up at the hot stove playing Skip-Bo 😊😊 (a card game)
I bought some high value treats for Ninja in order to make some nice action shots tomorrow on the meadows in front of the hut.
Here is no internet… I walked quite a bit around the mountain to give you the positioning story video of Ninja. If You haven’t seen it, it is worth to take a look.
Just a random spot, in a place we have never been before, full of wildlife. I do not stage these things 😊
No internet means I can’t write or reply to messages or comments. would be nice if you answer questions while I am gone.


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