New World of Warcraft Armory Item Database online!

Nethaera introduced in the official World of Warcraft Forum the new Item Database.

The World of Warcraft Armory has been expanded with a new dimension of information and functionality – the Item Database!

The Armory's Item Database is a comprehensive searchable database of the items of World of Warcraft. As the only official item database for World of Warcraft, it has the exclusive ability to draw information from the actual game servers and is integrated with the Armory's character profiles. It's also designed for ease of use – to give you the items you're looking for as quickly and easily as possible.

Here are some of the notable features of the Armory's Item Database:

New Search Categories

Items, dungeons, bosses, and factions are now searchable!

Find an Upgrade

With one click, get a sorted list of recommended upgrades for any item on any character profile!

"Desired by" filters

Refine your search to find commonly sought-after items for every class and take into account character specializations when appropriate.


Any character profile can be "pinned" to your Armory window, allowing you to display the matching item tooltip from that profile when viewing items.

Begin searching for items now from the Item Database main page.

*Note that the Item Database, like the rest of the Armory, is still in beta.
**If you have problems with the Item Database, try clearing your cache.

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