MTV – Goldfarmer Video.

MTV has an informative Video online about Goldfarmers in China. It is estmated that in 2009 more than$ will be spend for Goldfarming, more than the sales of Computer Games themselves. While there are Gold Farms in Romania, Mexico, Indonesia and the Philippines it is still China, taking the lead role, whith more than 500.000 employed farmers.

While it is sad that the Chinese have to work and live there under bad circumstances, Goldfarming is still considered a better job than others and the Gold Farms actually can choose their workers.

While I would not mind a few farmers, the situation online is currently really annoying. It seems that every spot is being camped by bots and farmers. Its not that You can to a quick run to get some Dreamfoil, some Thorium, some JuJu or even black lotus because every spot is being camped. And on top of not being able to get those items you have to pay a lot on the auction house for these items. This is when I totally stop feeling sorry for them.

Well here is the MTV Video. 

And some other links I have found dealing with the subject:

And a very nice Article on, "Secrets of Massively Multiplayer Farming"

Thanks to LaNcia (Vanquish Guild) for pointing me at the Video. "It's a bird? It's a plane? No !!! It is Superhaekmustauzzo!!!!!"

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