Many of Ninjas tricks come from laziness. I am too lazy to run to Ninja and to p…

Many of Ninjas tricks come from laziness. I am too lazy to run to Ninja and to place him all the time, so he needed to learn to follow my directions.
„Give Paw“ is an excellent way to untangle a leash.
„Go Backwards!“ does help with tangled up leashes as well.
„Bang!“ play dead is perfect to remove ticks, treat with medicine.
One command I can seldom show off is the one here in the video. I just hold the harness. Ninja will slip right in, turn around into heel position and wait for the leash to be attached.
It is quick and works flawless 😊
What is your most useful/convenience command?
Ninja can pee and poop on command. It is a great way to remind him, of what I expect him to do when we are in a hurry.
I can make him drink something saying „water“.
Ninja can seek the leash in the forest.
He can also turn the light on and off at home 😆



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  1. My husky know’s “foot” for when she’s tangled in her 20ft lead on walks. She’s smart enough to know what foot to lift while we jangle the leash to get it out from under her without reigning in the full length!

  2. Perfect story/post for my favorite saying „lazy people are the smartest“ since we look for shortcuts in everything we do daily xD you did an amazing job teaching tricks to Ninja!♡ I think the trick in this video is the most efficience since it helps to keep the dog calm even right before we take them for a walk.. I taught my aunt’s dogs but it going so slowly since I think they got bored of tricks and just want shortcut to treats lol and not to mention the hyperness they get when they „think“ they’ll go on a walk.. still can’t find the trick to implement the calm before walk lol I can’t wait to see more tricks from Ninja! It always brighten my day ♡♡♡

  3. Ohjaa, das ist echt praktisch! Viele unserer tricks sind auch dafür gemacht das leben leichter zu machen, genau wie du beschrieben hast!

  4. Pee and poop on command. Same as in this video too. „push you“ for when he is on my way and he have to be carefull not getting in my legs (or even when he blocks the way totaly). Turning around something for when he tangle his leash on a street light or a tree…

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