Mace Rogue Slanty is turning out real nice.

Well a few weeks back I rerolled as Human Rogue. The goal was to maximize the effets of Haste to gain a lot of white DPS and Combat Potency as source for energy regain. It is not quite as good as I hoped, but I also do not have the 2 piece bonus of the Assassination Set.

Here is a Screenshot from a typical fight:

Speed procs from Both Maces

As You can see the proc from Drakefist Hammer and Blackout Truncheon in combination with Slice and Dice and Bladefurry reduces the speed of Both weapons significantly.

1.32 Speed on Mainhand and Offhand at 0.73 Speed. I will report back as soon as I can provide more data including Assassination Bonus.

Slanty is not well geared, yet. Here is his Profile. 

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