Looking back at the past years I find it weird how good photographers, that take…

Looking back at the past years I find it weird how good photographers, that take pictures of Ninja manage composition, coloring but at the same time fail to set Ninja properly in scene.
Often I try to drop a hint at the start of the shooting but they brush away the advice without much thought. I know I am not a „photographer“, which is a protected occupation which requires apprenticeship, etc in Germany and some look down on „a guy with a cam“.
But I have been been composing pictures of Ninja (and other dogs) for 5 years… and made over 300000 pictures in this time. It is a very special niche, but I know how to set Ninja in pose like no one else… Over 60000 fans follow us on social media, so it can`t be total crap.
But when people, with no experience what it takes to get wolfdogs and northern breeds to joyfully cooperate, tell you how things must be done, it is a frustrating experience.
You can`t rush them… have to give them a bit time and get them used to what they are supposed to do, the environment, the smells, the noises… It may take a few minutes longer per scene, but the results are worth it… this will carry on to the next steps… you will get natural shots, natural poses. Isn`t that what a wolf(lookalike) shoot is all about?… to present e.g. graceful, timid, archaic, sovereign or playful character…
But if a glance tells you „your input is not wanted here, we know how to do our job!“ but can`t tell the differences in e.g. Hadez and Ninja… They can tell that Hadez looks wolfier, but not WHY… if you do not know why, you can`t emphasize these details… that is usually what I do with Ninja`s shots… I emphasize what makes him look wolfy.

1.) try to get him to put his legs together, so his body appears narrower
2.) try to have him look against the sun, (or reflector) so his eyes will squint and look almond shaped instead of round
3.) let him stand still at a spot in order to get him to adjust his posture naturally, e.g. when a leg looks „odd“ after placing him
4.) give him some fun commands to do to make him look self confident, proud and energetic
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  1. 5.) I let him come 3-4 times to get him to move slow and wolfy… show him the spots where I want him to be!
    6.) I throw something on the ground so he will lower the head to sniff at it, so he will appear as if he was sneaking when he looks up.
    7.) last but not least I use a command to have Ninja close his mouth, put his ears in my direction and stop panting, which will results in a „serious“ face.
    This picture does not resemble all these traits… but it is one of my favorite of yesterday`s day in the mountains 🙂
    I am not trying to say, „I am a better photographer!“ which would be untrue anyway, but I have an expertise in this niche that is just silly to wave away. In the end we all want the best pictures/movies we can get.

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