Lightroom Edit: „Wolf look-alike Siberian Husky Ninja and Son Hadez“

You are probably asking, “where is the sun Ninja talked about in his last post?!?!”

My process on choosing a picture is usually really weird… On the morning walk in the forest, I have a gazillion amazing ideas and think of pictures, I could use along… but then I sit down and start to edit and all things change…

Here is the workflow that was behind the previous shot… As you can see… I start editing an easy to edit picture and got the idea that I could post a picture together with Hadez as I had not done that in a while…

I saved the settings of the first picture, used and fine-tuned them on the second… I did not find a crop (cutting the picture) that I was satisfied with… so I moved to the next picture using the updated settings…

The results did not make me happy (I use for pictures that do not fit here) and before fine-tuning colors, which is the last thing I do, I switched to head shots and was happy with it.


Ninja on YouTube

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