Kil’Jaeden down by Borked/Kwak Herders.

Finally we have Kil’Jaeden down. The beginning of summer, soccer championship, wwi and not at last the upcoming expansion Wrath of the Lich King thinned out our Guild roster a bit.

So we decided do raid with another Guild on Ravencrest that is in a similar situation and created a joint venture to get Kil’Jaeden down. It was a sunny saturday afternoon when we started to raid and I was prepared for some wiping and learning, but after numerous raiding days the past week, we got him down the second try. I was quite surprised as I hadn’t expected him to go down that fast.

Borked & Kwak Herders defeal Kil'Jaeden

To round up the great kill, Kruf from Kwak Herders got the legendary Bow Thori’Dal, the Stars‘ Fury.

Thoridal Borked Kruf Kwak Herders

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