Kel Thuzad has been defeated by Nihilum.

As first Guild worldwide Nihilum has defeated Kel Thuzad in Naxxramas, the Highest Boss in World of Warcraft. After their kill on the 4 Horsemen and a quick Sapphiron kill, Nihilum invested all efforts to get Kel Thuzad down.

Indeed a very nice job and lots of respect from my side to Nihilum for the first worldwide Naxxramas clearance.

Take a quick look at the screenshot and loot here:

Picture of Kel Thuzad killed by Nihilum and the loot.

Notice the new stats of „The Hungering Cold“: 76-143 DMG, 73 DPS, 1.50 Speed, 140 Armor, 14 Stamina, +6 Swords

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