Just playing around

Bikejoering break at my favourite hut This picture was taken last week on a cold morning. After watching some training videos I thought it might be a better idea to get Ninja to run and thus pull the bike faster to let him run aside me.


Basically a race, always when I catch up with him he speeds on. Unfortunately there aren’t many places where I can let Ninja run free … but here it was possible.

Bikejoering break at my favorite hut

Older Stuff

You may have noticed the Border Collie Fine on some pictures. Fine and Ninja are very good friends and love to play together. Ninja plays quite rough at times with fine. basically rolling over her, throwing her on the ground. With other dogs he is more gentle and usually has 1-2 meters distance when running after them.
Even though he plays quite rough with Fine, she likes it. At times you want to stop the playing to help fine catch her breath but as soon as Ninja lets go of her she jumps around him demanding more … as you can see here.

Fine being unruly ... Ninja loves it. Fine and Ninja resting after extensive play


Here is a nice Video of them playing happy together …

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