Instagram is odd these days… I am missing out on many posts of people I do act…

Instagram is odd these days… I am missing out on many posts of people I do actually follow and have notifications on, but still it seems that some of these accounts, I do also have regular contact with, no longer show up in my feed.
The past days I commented and liked on each post that wad shown to me and still, refreshing would not ahow me posts of accounts I do follow.
The direction IG goes at this time is very puzzling… I know they want to equalize things a bit more, give smaller accounts a larger audience and thus chance to grow.
This reminds me of Youtube where, after subscribing to an account, you also have to check the notification bell.
Do you have an idea how this works? How do you deal with accounts that become invisiblr to you?
Right now I tried to set up notifications for more accounts and wonder if it does make any difference.
I also go through my list occasionally to see if I missed out on posts (which is how I discovered this issue at first).
Hmh… I am not complaining, in the end we will just do what we do best, provide good content and hope for the best 😊😊
I am just really puzzled.
Anyway we have been having real nice light again and were able to capture made a few nice pictures. I really like it when Ninja has this eager and expectant face… waiting to do something fun 😊
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25 Antworten auf „Instagram is odd these days… I am missing out on many posts of people I do act…“

  1. Yes, it’s a lot harder if you follow everyone too. But there are apps to help you keep track of accounts I think. It’s easier to keep track if people comment. It must be really hard for accounts like yours to keep track of anyone

  2. @kito.and.remus This is so weird… Tried to counter this with commenting, liking, engaging, watching stories, replying to stories, writing direct messages… and still posts do not show up

  3. I have the exact same experience as you do, I am not notified when i should be. And my news feed do not show people i follow, I have to manually search them up as well… It’s all very odd. But well im not a big tech guy, I don’t understand the algorithm…

  4. I hate that they mess with things I too don’t understand it. One post 2 hrs ago the next 6 days or 3 days. I try & keep track od those I follow but I missed one post of a followers dog passing & didnt see it until 4 days after it happened. I was devastated over the news

  5. The algorithm changes definitely have been strange! I also find myself missing posts much more than I’d like, but I agree — we just keep pushing forward and doing our best!

  6. They say the post is first shown to a part of the followers and if it gets popular among them then to the rest of the audience – not sure though

  7. @spw98 I am just wondering what the sense of all this is… to show you stuff you are not interested in and hide the stuff you signed up for.

  8. @alexx.fenja Your posts for example… they do not show up for me… and we engaged more than other followers that do show up… but you can’t make a rule out f it… since not all accounts that I rarely interact with are shown…

  9. @laika.the.explorer Indeed… or after you finished the „queue“ of pictures they think are relevant to us, they could – on a refresh e.g. – show the posts we missed out on… but they don’t… I tested this wednesday evening for 5 hours…

  10. @marimute It is jsut weird that you get post from people you do not even follow, posts from hashtags you do not follow… but the people you actually do follow are hidden.

  11. Instagram has changed way too much, I loved it the way it used to be. Give smaller accounts a chance to grow but we should be seeing posts from people we follow and love!

  12. I’ve actually noticed this as well. It seems IG is giving HUGE pushes toward new accounts while giving no engagement or push toward older accounts. I would think those who have been part of the community so long should be boosted as well.

  13. @myfriendhayley I agree… I’d welcome if they implemented that on a refresh you’d see the missing posts… or a „refresh all“ function…

  14. @goldilocksandthewolf Indeed… Accounts like yours have contributed years to this platform, made it grow, encouraged people to start their own feeds… and now they do not show the same people the posts they subscribed to… it seems weird… I would really like to experiment with this and start a whole new account, just to see if things are different.

  15. @voguehuskies Your account was also missing for me… I recall seeing a comment and think „oh glad they are back!“ and then „duh! they were never gone, what is going on here!“

  16. @_izzy_pictures Hier im Wald ist es Vormittags am schönsten… wenn die Sonn schon etwas höher steht und durch die Pinien-Kronen Schatten wirft…

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