I simply love to hike by myself or with close people. When I meet someone, I usu…

I simply love to hike by myself or with close people. When I meet someone, I usually get these questions:
. “What breed of dog is Ninja?” “Are You sure he is no wolf?” “He does not look like any Husky I have seen! Don`t Huskies have Blue Eyes?” “Isn`t it too hot in Germany for Huskies?” “how long do You need to walk them each day?”
While I generally do not mind answering them – and I did so 2500+ days – I learned to enjoy to 3nkoy the moment, to focus on Ninja, the hike and the pictures.
Sometimes we walk for hours without meeting anyone at all.
I use back roads, then follow locals when they take a weird turn into the hills. I have discovered the best places this way.
Often there is neither cell phone coverage nor people. For Germany, which is a densely populated country, this is quite remarkable.
Hiking alone also has drawbacks.
As an ex soldier, Officer the German Army Aviation Forces 🚁, I was very well trained. Aside navigation we were also trained in camouflage, First Aid and the likes. The kind of stuff You need to know to survive behind enemy lines…
I used this knowledge in civil life to tend injured, unconscious people. But many years have passed since the training and my knowledge is fading.
Especially considering my companion Ninja was not covered by the training at all. Lots of things can happen, getting impaled by a branch, a broken leg, being attacked by wildlife or other accidents.
This is one of the reasons why I am – right now – heading to North-Germany, Holstein Switzerland for a survival training with Ninja, where we learn to work together as a team.
How can I manage with Ninja, far out… alone…? Can I take care of him? What if he is hurt? What can I learn from him? Can I make use of Ninjas senses? How can we overcome obstacles?
I always loved stories that took place in wilderness. Stories about nature, survival, companionship, especially when they included dogs or wolves. Stories about overcoming harsh situations as a team. .
Are You prepared for “emergency situations”? Which companion do You wish to have at Your side? What is your favorite story?


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  2. Mir war bei der Auswahl der Rasse wichtig, dass der Hund so leicht ist, dass ich ihn im Notfall auch mal ein paar Kilometer tragen kann. Und nach Koa’s Einzug hab ich beim Roten Kreuz einen Erste-Hilfe-Kurs für Hunde gemacht. ☺️

  3. Ich habe auch schon oft gedacht. Wenn Nana sich mal beim Gassi gehen verletzt (26kg) könnte ich sie wohl nicht mehr tragen (56kg). Da hat man überhaupt nichts dran gedacht, als wir sie bekommen haben. Ich würde immer danach gehen, bis zu welchem Gewicht ich den Hund gut händeln kann. Aber nach weiteren noch nie. Mal gucken, wie das in Zukunft sein wird, wenn Nana irgendwann nicht mehr ist. Erste Hilfe musste ich bei ihr schon leisten bei Krallenverletzungen. Also kleinen Sachen. Das ist halb so schlimm (Gott sei Dank)

  4. Wir sind auch viel unterwegs und machen in regelmäßigen Abständen Erste Hilfe Kurse. Zu Hause üben ist zwar in letzter Zeit unter gegangen, aber auch das machen wir im Alltag. Was ist das für ein Training? Das interessiert mich riesig und will ich definitiv mit Kira auch mal machen

  5. That sounds amazing!! I would love to hear more about it if you don’t mind to share your experiences and recommendations! Have a great time you two ☀️

  6. Im from a defence background so i can imagine the threats you may have had ti face…best of luck for the classes with ninja. I do so love your page just for ninja. ❤️

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