I have been asked about meet ups. Frankly as an Asperger These are never really …

I have been asked about meet ups. Frankly as an Asperger These are never really easy as it takes a while to get used to new people.
I am shy, yeah really and face the usual problems. I do not like to shake hands, I’ll feel extremely uncomfortable when I get a hug and can’t look into the eye and can talk endlessly about my focus interests. I suck at small talk and prefer more profound topics… When I am in Mainz, I have no car and just a small apartment so I prefer walks in our forests or along the riverside. Basically I know the area and feel comfortable, which helps me to ease the getting to know people. It still takes a while though.
When we are visiting our friends close to Basel it is easier to get to places as I most likely have a car, but at the same time 4 dogs instead of just one.
So either way it is always best for me, and thus more likely to happen, if people visit me.
We had visitors from all over Europe, which I usually do not advertise much, because I am too shy to ask, too shy to make pictures unless someone asks me to 😄
The shame is that I would really like to try to improve my people photography skills and all of the afore mentioned obstacles stand in the way. I do not have many portraits that I can show of and promise people ‚Here is what I can do!‘ but would like to learn it with a person that is kind of willing to try. I have a whole bunch of ideas where I want to get to, what pictures to take.
To take good pictures I need to be in my comfort zone, so it would need to be someone who is willing to repeat this from time to time, because each time it would be easier and easier for me.
So these are my general thoughts on meet-ups.
If you have questions, also on other topics, leave them below.


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