Hello, nithe to meet You. I am Ninja the guardian angel of thith foretht. . This…

Hello, nithe to meet You. I am Ninja the guardian angel of thith foretht.
This is how I imagine Ninja to sound after a visit at the vet dentist. These are always the things that appear in my mind when I look at some pictures.
I found the little tongue out so cute – usually I delete these pictures as I could already fill an account with „tongue out“-pictures for eternity.
But this tiny bit of tongue I found really cute…
I need to do something about Ninja’s teeth… he has some minor plaque problems since a few weeks… there is a paste that helped my previous husky to soften it up and brush it away.
Bones alone won’tdo the trick atm… 😐 What do You do to keep the teeth of your dog clean?


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  1. Usually we just use bones. Bc ripping the meat off the bones is suppose to help clean the teeth and help rid the plaque… this can take a couple of months as it doesn’t happen over night. But some of my friends just brush their teeth w dog toothpaste/make their own toothpaste. There are a lot of things online to help make dog tooth paste as well.

  2. @vaderthepupperoo or they go to the vet get the teeth cleaned. With eating kibble it will form so maybe you can start incorporating more of a raw diet if possible?

  3. Beautiful picture! I never use toothpaste and never brush the teeth. You need to use it daily and my dog doesn’t like it that much. But I found my Holy Grail. I use a tooth scraper. You can use it once a month or even once in two months. That depends on the dog and how quickly plaque develops. It scrapes the plaque and tartar very easily.

  4. I actually scrapped the plague off the teeth of my dog myself. When I adopted him he had very brown molars and I didn’t wanna put him under anesthesia for his teeth. There are tutorials online and you need to careful not to dig and simply scrape. If you create too many holes in the teeth they can form plague more easily than before. My dog also has a raw diet so it helps keep the plague at bay. I’ll some pics of my dog’s before and after. I did it in about 1.5 hours.

  5. @rinchen__norbu yes I do that as well. You just gotta be careful not to dig into the teeth and it keeps our pooches away from having to under anesthetic in the long term.

  6. A raw diet help my dogs teeth. I noticed they were getting brown from a switch of a different kibble brand. You could use raw meat bones, if you’re up for that. #rawfeeding

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