Having a sick day!

Often I let Ninja have the last bits of my human food. I am not looking to dispose of my leftovers this way and Ninja simply enjoys the food.

Sometimes I wonder if it is really about the food, or if it is about “sharing” something with him, you know… like some form of bonding. Reminds me at times of young wolfdogs appeasing bigger dogs by gifting them meat and bones.

Ninja must be able to judge by the noise of dinnerware hitting an almost empty plate to remind me of his presence. He will stand a few yards away, respectfully wagging his tail and waiting.

2 days ago, I gave him some of my dinner… Ninja doesn’t mind my love for chili, pepper, garlic and onions. I guess over the years he got used to it… I do not give him my leftovers pure. I put them in his dish, add some of his own food and pour warm water over everything so the flavors will be strong…

This time he got pretty bad explosive diarrhea. Ninja has been living here 4 years and that was maybe the 6th time he had diarrhea… I was a bit concerned and spent half the night on the outside. We went out as soon as he signaled and each 2 hours the latest. Just to give him the feeling, that everything is all right and “I am there for you, buddy!”

Usually I let this go for a day, do not give him the slightest bit to eat. Due to all the fluids he lost and that he denied to drink water, mixed it later with all kinds of goodies to see if he’d drink it, I decided to cook “Morosche Carrot Soup”. It is an amazing medicine for the bowels… You should look it up right now, as it would go beyond the scope of this post.
In a nutshell, you cook carrots longer than 3 hours and puree them. This will set acids free (“Oligogalakturonsäuren” German) that block bacteria from sticking to the bowels and bacteria will be flushed out.

It is an old recipe that has been used in the 19th century and became somewhat forgotten. It works wonders and there is no harmful chemistry inside. Had I used antibiotic medicine, I would have put additional strain on his guts and it would need days to recover. Today Ninja is feeling great again… I will check his poop though for worms or blood…

It is not so sunny anymore, as you can see from this picture… you can almost feel the summer coming to an end…

Wolf look-alike Ninja standing in the forest

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